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Permatex Number 2 is a non hardening gasket maker that is a thick, black substance with an alcohol odor.

Evaporation of the solvent transforms Permatex Form A Gasket 2 into a film that does not solidify and is bendable.

Permatex 2 non hardening is used to prevent leakage from fittings, flanges, connectors, and pliable assemblies.

Having this feature improves gasket seals’ dependability.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Permatex Form-A-Gasket No. 2 Sealant

  • Permatex non hardening is great for metal-to-metal assembly, takes its time drying, and may be applied under a variety of temperatures and pressures.

80016 Permatex may be used for these purposes:

  • Has a number of applications, including hose connections, cover plates, threaded connections, and valve cover gasket installations.

Directions For Usage:

1. Take away anything that might cause a problem with the surfaces joining.
2. It is suggested to use Permatex Gasket Remover for removing gaskets from the majority of materials, but not painted surfaces or plastics.
3. Use a solvent like Permatex Brake and Parts Cleaner, which leaves no residue, and wipe dry all surfaces before proceeding.
4. To use Permatex Form A Gasket No 2, you need to take off the cap, pierce the cartridge tube or seal, and insert the extension nozzle (if provided.)
5. Use a spatula to distribute the substance into a thin, even layer on one side of the gasket before placing it on the assembly; this will serve as the gasket dressing.

Finish coating the other side of the gasket, then reinstall it.
Drying time is lengthened using a slower drying formulation.

Cleaning Up

1.Isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean up any residue left behind by Permatex No 2 on metal. Cover the sealant with alcohol and let it out overnight if it has been dried for a long period or at high temperatures.
2. Utilize hand cleansers made by the Permatex brand to get your hands clean.

Standard Curing Performance

No. 2 Permatex Form-A-Gasket Solvent evaporation transforms an applied sealant into a semi-rigid, hard sealant.

Drying periods are conditional on the gap size, temperature, and humidity.

Environmental Resistance in Standard Applications

Normal Temperature Tolerance Values

Continuous, degrees C (degrees F) -54 to 204 (-65 to 400)

Solvent/Chemical Resistance

Water, gasoline, ethylene glycol, motor oil, salt water, and transmission fluid have no negative effects on the product’s performance.

General Info

Permatex Number 2 is not a good choice as a sealer for chlorine or other strong oxidizing compounds, and it is not suggested for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich situations.

This product should not be used in environments where it will be exposed to aromatic additives and solvents for extended periods of time.

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Permatex #2 Non-Hardening Form-A-Gasket Sealant:

  • 1.5 oz. tube, carded
  • 3 oz. tube, carded
  • 11 oz. tube, boxed


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