Permatex Pipe Joint Compound

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Permatex Pipe Joint Compound was engineered to aid in the assembly and sealing of threaded joints on steam, water, fuel, and oil lines.

Permatex has created Pipe Joint Compound, a brushable, viscous, black liquid lubricant and sealant.

If you use Permatex Pipe Joint Compound, you’ll be able to enjoy the following advantages:

Manufactured to be non-hardening for simple disassembly, it can withstand temperatures up to 204 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius,) seals effectively at pressures up to 5000 psi (100 psi for steam,) can be applied without mixing or measuring, is superior to Teflon tape in every way (except for shredding,) and protects against corrosion and galling.

Flanges, pipe fittings, and threaded pipes are all suitable surfaces for Permatex 80045.

Usage Directions

1. Threads must be clean in order to be sealed. A thin layer of grease or oil has no effect on the sealability.
2. Brush Permatex 51D Pipe Joint Compound into the thread grooves of the male threads.
3. Put the pieces together.
4. Give each surface of the gaskets and flanges a light coating.
5. After waiting for 5 minutes, proceed with the assembly.

Cleaning Up

1. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean up the mess.
2. Hands should be cleaned with a cleaner for hands such as Permatex Fast Orange or a dry cloth.

Standard Performance When Curing

All that’s needed for Permatex Pipe Joint Compound 80045 to set is for the solvent to evaporate.

In one day, all properties will experience the change.

Cured Material Performance

When completely cured, it forms a seal that is both semi-liquid and flexible.

Temperature range of –65 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit (–54 to +204 degrees Celsius.)

General Info

You shouldn’t apply Permatex Pipe Joint Compound as a sealer for chlorine or other powerful oxidizing compounds, and you shouldn’t use it in oxygen rich and/or pure oxygen systems.

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  • Permatex #51 Pipe Joint Compound – 16 oz. bottle.


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