Permatex Rust Dissolver Gel

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Permatex Rust Dissolver Gel is a thick, acidic liquid that can be used to remove rust from steel and iron surfaces.

After applying Permatex 81756 Rust Removal Gel with a brush, it is then removed with water.

Permatex Rust Remover Gel for cars is free of CFCs and other chemicals that deplete the ozone layer.

Benefits Of Permatex Rust Dissolver Gel

  • Rust Dissolver Gel is useful for cleaning and priming surfaces before painting.
  • Metal rust remover gel removes the need for scraping.
  • Permatex Rust Gel may be removed with water.
  • There won’t be any dripping or running.

For the best rust remover gel, here are some common uses and applications:

  • Permatex Rust Removal Gel removes rust from ferrous alloys and metals by dissolving the rust.
  • Permatex Rust Dissolver Gel safely and effectively eliminates rust on tools, equipment, piping, boats, autos, tractors, trucks, motorbikes, drums, and fences.

Please contact us for a quotation if you’re looking for Permatex Rust Dissolver Gel at the lowest price:

  • Permatex 81756 Rust Dissolver Gel – 8 oz. (12/case)


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