Permatex Rust Treatment

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Permatex® Rust Treatment is a milky white latex coating that dries quickly and is applied to rusty metal in order to prevent further rusting, preserve the surface, and serve as a primer for the finish coat.

Benefits From Using Permatex 81773 Rust Treatment:

  • Permatex Rust Neutralizer eliminates existing rust and protects against its recurrence.
  • There is no need for sandblasting; just use a wire brush to remove any loose rust, remove any dirt, grease, or oil, and then apply Permatex Rust Converter with a brush.
  • Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment can be used on wet and rusted metal.
  • Permatex Rust Treatment Spray converts and primes in a single step.
  • When iron oxides are present, Permatex 81773 white liquid undergoes a transformation into a hard, black covering.
  • It is non-combustible, safe, and has a low level of toxicity.

Common Uses And Applications For Permatex Rust Treatment:

  • Permatex Rust Inhibitor effectively eliminates rust in all automobile applications.
  • You may put it to use on transport vehicles, storage tanks, and trailers.
  • This product is exceptional for treating rust on valves, pipes, tankers, and fittings in power plants, commercial and residential heating and cooling facilities, and refineries.
  • Can be used to treat rust on guard rails, fences, supports, and conveyors.
  • Apply it to ventilation ducts, booms, overhead cranes, and floor grating.
  • Frames and supports for outdoor advertising signs, as well as those used on highways and municipal roads, may benefit from this material.
  • With the right marine paint, it may serve as a topcoat for ship surfaces including overheads, bulkheads, hatch covers, decks, and stacks.
  • Can be applied to agricultural equipment such as plows, discs, harvesters, corn pickers, tractors, and more in order to cure rust.
  • The rust treatment capabilities of Permatex Rust Treatment will satisfy highway department maintenance yards when applied on snow removal equipment.

Please contact us for pricing information on Permatex 81773 Rust Treatment and Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment:

  • Permatex 81773 Rust Treatment – 16 oz. (12/case)
  • Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment (Body Filler Compatible) 16oz Aero Can 10.25 oz. net 12/case


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