Permatex Thread Sealant With PTFE

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The use of Permatex Thread Sealant With PTFE in a threaded pipe attachment will stop any liquids from escaping.

This Permatex 80631 sealant is effective because it completely fills the void between the female and male threads.

Further, this thread sealant with PTFE acts as a lubricant when the threads are tightened together.

A liquid Teflon sealant will not dry instantly since it isn’t solvent-based.

As a result, it forms a seamless, air- and water-tight seal without cracking or shrinking.

The majority of liquid Teflon thread sealants are based on PTFE, which helps in the process of sealing.

It’s versatile and simple to apply, making it a good choice for a lot of projects.

It can withstand extreme conditions, including heat, vibration, pressure, and chemical attack.

The Permatex Thread Sealant with PTFE has the consistency of a white, smooth paste and smells faintly of alcohol.

It’s a lubricant/paste that sets to work quickly, and it’s intended to prevent leaks and loosening in connections that are threaded, like those found in fittings and pipes.

Teflon thread sealant is for use in pressurized air, gas, hydraulic, and oil systems up to the pipe’s operating rating.

Threads become lubricated so disassembly and assembly may be done quickly and easily.

Permatex 80632 protects against corrosion and galling.

This product cannot be torn or shredded like tapes.

It maintains its malleability over a broad range of temperatures and beats other pipe dopes in terms of performance.

There are many advantages of using Permatex 80633 Thread Sealant. It is simple to use, created with a formula that is non-drip, functional as high as 5000 psi, heat resistant, and effective across a wide temperature range of -65 degrees F to +300 degrees F (-54 degrees C to +204 degrees C.)

The following are some of the most common uses for this Permatex thread sealant with Teflon:

  • Fittings for hydraulic systems, air conditioning systems, and temperature transmitting systems may all benefit from its use.

The instructions on how to use this thread sealant are as follows:

1. It’s essential that threads be clean and corrosion-free.

2. It should then be applied on male threads.

3. Apply Permatex Thread Sealant With PTFE using a spatula or brush and work it into the grooves of the thread.

4. Assemble pieces.

5. Up to twenty four hours following application, alterations may be made without damaging the seal.

6. The excess sealant may be removed using a dry towel.

#14 General Purpose Thread Sealant w/ PTFE:

  • 1 oz. tube
  • 4 oz. bottle
  • 16 oz. bottle


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