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The Champion Polishing Cloth is the Best Cleaning Friend of Any Hard Surface!

The Champion Polishing Cloth is a revolutionary polishing cloth that will replace a full shelf of paste, liquid, and powder cleaners. Without a doubt, it is the best brass and silver metal cleaner and polisher on the market. That’s just the beginning of the story. It cleans, waxes, and polishes so much more! Choose ANY metal found in your home, shop, or business. You can be certain that the Champion Polishing Cloth will impress with its amazing ability to remove any tarnish, stain, or rust. We’re proud of the fact that after 90 years, this one-of-a-kind cleaning product is still manufactured 100% in the United States!

What’s the point of having one cleaner for this metal and one cleaner for that metal. It not only wastes money, but that approach can be quite confusing! The point of the Champion Polishing Cloth is to provide our customers with a single product that can clean, wax, and polish any metal surface! It’s a true all-purpose cleaner and polisher.

Let’s go over the true breadth of its abilities. This unique polishing cloth will clean brass, silver, pewter, chrome, steel, copper, aluminum, sterling silver, plated silverware, bronze, gold, platinum, stainless steel, and any ferrous and non-ferrous metal. It’s also just as effective on many other types of products found in your home or shop. It works on wood surfaces, tile, lacquered, varnished, and enameled surfaces. The list goes on and on!

We challenge anyone to provide a single product that can compete with the Champion Polishing Cloth. No polishing product can match its incredible abilities to handle any kind of tarnish, stain, or rust on such a multitude of surfaces. For over 90 years, our exclusive formula has been impressing our loyal customers. We consistently get positive feedback about its abilities to effectively and safely clean, wax, and polish a wide variety of hard surfaces extremely fast.

The Champion Polishing Cloth effectively removes white water stains, heat rings, and other stains from furniture. It’s also excellent for cleaning ceramic tile, removing starch buildup from clothing irons, and removing scuff and heel marks from floors.

If you’re a musician specializing in any of the brass horns, a drummer that needs your cymbals to be shiny, or a wood instrument aficionado, then the Champion Polishing Cloth will be your perfect polishing companion! It will clean the most delicate musical instruments and will even remove stubborn rosin stains from violins!

Keeping your silver or sterling silver jewelry sparkling clean and protected can sometimes be difficult. We have a proven solution for you! The Champion Polishing Cloth is a gentle, safe way to remove tarnish from silver.

Whether you’re a professional jeweler or you have a collection of fine jewelry, there is no better jewelry tarnish remover than the Champion Polishing Cloth.

If you have a lingering problem when it comes to keeping your brass door handles, brass candle holders, or any other type of brass item in tip-top condition, the Champion Polishing Cloth is here to help. It will not only easily remove any tarnish but will maintain that brand-new shiny look longer than any other brass cleaner on the market.

Are you a motorcycle or automotive aficionado that takes great pride in keeping your vehicle looking its best? The Champion Polishing Cloth will clean, wax, and shine any area of your vehicle, including aluminum wheels, chrome wheels, chrome bumpers, body surfaces, etc. For example, this cloth will remove chrome exhaust bluing stains from a motorcycle engine. If you notice a rust stain on your prized automotive body, then pull out your trusty Champion Polishing Cloth and watch the rust disappear before your eyes!

This superb polishing cloth is also an effective road film remover that can easily tackle the removal of road film on your vehicle’s metal surfaces or windshield!

Speaking of removing rust stains, don’t be afraid to try the Champion Polishing Cloth on your bathtub or washbowls. Just be sure that the surface is bone-dry first before using the polishing cloth.

Having trouble removing fingerprints from wood? Use the Champion Polishing Cloth and watch them disappear!

If you have a silver plate that hasn’t been cleaned for years and is black with tarnish, the Champion Polishing Cloth will have that silver plate looking brand new in no time!

Do you own a boat or cabin cruiser? Keep a Champion Polishing Cloth in your toolkit. If tarnish appears, use the Champion Polishing Cloth on any aluminum, chrome, or brass metal part on your boat and marvel at the shine!

Have a brass lamp that’s been neglected? Well, now’s the time to pull out your trusty Champion Polishing Cloth! With minimal effort, your brass lamp will shine brighter than the bulb!

Are you frustrated that you can’t get your brass bathroom fixtures looking like new? Prepare yourself to be amazed at the results you’ll get by using the Champion Polishing Cloth!

There’s no end to what the Champion Polishing Cloth can clean and polish. It can be used on wood, metal golf clubs, fishing tackle, guns, boats, motors, tools, machinery, electrical appliances, stovetops, and countless other items! The list of objects it is effective on is only limited to your imagination!

Look around your home, and without a doubt, if there’s an item that needs cleaning, the Champion Polishing Cloth is your number one cleaning tool for the task! It is effective on pewter, silverware, gold, steel, copper, nickel, bronze, brass, sterling silver, chrome, tile, and so much more!

How to Use the Champion Polishing Cloth

The great thing about the Champion Polishing Cloth is that it’s simple and safe to use! Simply remove it from its package and you’re ready to start cleaning and polishing!

Before we proceed any further, it is important for us to state that whatever surface you want to clean, it is absolutely imperative that the surface be bone-dry. It must not be wet in any manner.

Never attempt to wash the polishing cloth, as liquids and water will ruin it immediately!

When attempting to clean any metal surface, start by rubbing a small area of the metal with the Champion Polishing Cloth. Notice that the Champion Polishing Cloth starts to turn black. This is normal. In fact, this illustrates that the cloth is removing any tarnish from the metal.

Next, grab a soft, dry cloth and begin to wipe the area just cleaned. Continue to buff the area to a brilliant polished shine. Repeat this process until the entire metal item is completely polished and shiny.

To illustrates the versatility of the Champion Polishing Cloth, try waxing and polishing your favorite vehicle’s body. The first thing to always make sure of is not to polish during periods of hot, direct sunlight.

First, remove any surface dust or dirt from your vehicle’s body to make sure it is completely dry. Next, choose a section of the Champion Polishing Cloth that has not been darkened by cleaning metals.

Always polish a small section at a time, and then grab a clean, soft, dry cloth and buff.

When cleaning enameled surfaces, lacquered surfaces, varnished surfaces, Formica, tile, porcelain, furniture, etc, take your polishing cloth and clean with the section of the cloth that has not been darkened by metals. Clean a small section at a time and rub until you feel the section is clean. Grab a dry, soft, clean cloth and buff.

When removing stains from any surface, rub the stain continuously until the stain is removed. Then, finish off by buffing with a dry, clean cloth.

Another illustration of the versatility of the Champion Polishing Cloth is its impressive effectiveness as a gun cleaning product. It will easily remove burn rings, leading, carbon residue, copper fouling, plastic fouling, tarnish, and rust! It is the perfect gun cleaning product for guns made from steel, nickel, stainless steel, and other metals.

Whether you own shotguns, handguns, muzzle-loaders, or rifles, the Champion Polishing Cloth will deliver you the kind of results you expect from a gun cleaning product made in the USA. For example, you can use our Champion Polishing Cloth to clean and remove any unwanted residue found inside the cylinder, forcing cone, chamber, or bore-and-stroke. If needed, you can cut the cloth to the necessary size.

The Champion Polishing Cloth even has a loyal following in the industrial and commercial markets. Whether your shop works with ferrous or non-ferrous metal, the Champion Polishing Cloth will clean and polish these surfaces without scratching. If you manufacture precision metal products or are using any die-mold machinery, use the Champion Polishing Cloth to keep them clean and polished. It will easily remove any potential rust or discoloration that may form on such machinery.

If there’s any appearance of heat-caused bluing, take out your faithful Champion Polishing Cloth and watch that problem disappear!

A Polishing Cloth That Delivers Unparalleled Value!

We’re very proud of the fact that our cloth is manufactured in the United States. There aren’t many products on the market that can claim to have a 90+ year history of satisfying customers and developing such a loyal band of users along the way.

We’re extremely confident that if you give the Champion Polishing Cloth a fair test, you’ll become a lifelong loyal user! It’s a true all-purpose cloth that cleans, waxes, and polishes.

Not only is it an effective and safe cleaning product, but it delivers amazing value for your money! This cloth comes in two sizes: our small 6” x 9” cloth and our larger 9” x 12” cloth. One 9″ x 12″ cloth equals one gallon of metal or furniture polish! In other words, here’s a product that will last a long, long time! Did we mention that we offer FREE SHIPPING for the Champion Polishing Cloth?

The Champion Polishing Cloth is considered biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

We understand that your time is important to you and you’d rather be doing other things than constantly having to remove tarnish from your prized possessions. The great thing about the Champion Polishing Cloth which you’ll grow to appreciate is that once you clean any metal item, you will notice that the shine lingers for a very long time. The reason for this lies in our unique and exclusive formulation.

Once tarnish or rust is removed from a metal surface, the Champion Polishing Cloth’s unique protective waxes and chemicals will penetrate deep into the pores of the metal. A tenacious protective coating will be formed, resulting in your polished surface maintaining its brilliant shine for much longer periods of time!

When handling the Champion Polishing Cloth, there is nothing in our formulation that will be harmful to even the most delicate of surfaces.

As stated before, please do not attempt to wash the Champion Polishing Cloth. When the cloth becomes discolored or turns black, this change in color will not in any way affect the cloth’s ability to clean, wax, and polish. In fact, the interesting feature of our cloth is that the more discolored it becomes, the better it performs!

Note that the unique ingredients in our Champion Polishing Cloth will not evaporate. With that said, we do recommend that after you’ve finished using the cloth that you store it in our seal-tight packaging.

How long does the Champion Polishing Cloth last? It depends on how often you use it. Simply use it until the cloth completely disintegrates! Use the Champion Polishing Cloth regardless of how discolored it turns. It lasts and lasts until the fabric wears out! It is a product that truly delivers incredible value from a small investment. It saves you time, money, and brings joy to your prized possessions!

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Small 6" x 9" ($7.99), Large 9" x 12" ($12.99)


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