Polyurea Grease For Electric Motors

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Lubriplate Polyurea Grease for Electric Motors is a polyurea based grease that was developed specifically to provide increased protection of bearings and an extended life for electric motors.

Applications For Lubriplate Poly HP-2 Polyurea Grease for Electric Motors:

Lubriplate Poly HP-2 is a shear stable polyurea grease that is ideal for protecting and lubricating the bearings in high-speed electric motors and other industrial settings due to its oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. It is an excellent polyurea grease for electric motors.

This Lubriplate polyurea grease is the correct option for applications that need bearings to withstand high temperatures. It is one of the best polyurea based grease for pump bearings.


  • Strongly recommended by the world’s leading producers of bearings and electric motors.
  • In comparison to other polyurea based greases on the market, the performance of Lubriplate Poly HP-2 is superior when subjected to mechanical stress.
  • Applications in which high temperatures are present are where this polyurea grease for electric motors shines.
  • Lubriplate’s shear stable polyurea grease is superior in comparison to a traditional polyurea grease thickener.

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  • Lubriplate Poly HP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease CASE (10per case)


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