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Champion Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid #9810 was engineered specifically for high-performance, precision-built power steering systems. It utilizes the finest combination of synthetic base stock oils and unique proprietary additive chemistry. This high-performance power steering fluid will help deliver a reduction in friction and wear when used in high-pressure systems.

Champion Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid #9810 was chemically engineered to function in the most extreme operating conditions and most extreme temperatures. It delivers superior lubricity, resists foaming, reduces temperatures, and because of its high viscosity index, can operate over a vast range of operating temperatures. Champion Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid #9810 delivers high-performance lubrication, providing power-assisted steering with smooth and efficient operation.

Our exclusive and proprietary additive chemistry delivers superior thermal stability, friction reduction, anti-foaming capabilities, anti-oxidation capabilities, and protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. The main foundation of this heavy-duty high-performance synthetic racing steering fluid is the use of the finest base stock oils. These manmade 100% pure synthetic base stock oils are designed with a uniform molecular structure.









Your typical mineral-based racing power steering fluid is formulated with conventional base stock oils. These mineral base stock oils have uneven or dissimilar molecular structures. This means each molecule is of a different size, which causes the fluid to create an inordinate amount of fluid friction. This wastes power and raises temperatures in the power steering system.

Due to the fact that Champion Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid #9810 utilizes base stock oils with molecules of the same size, this fluid flows without any fluid friction. You benefit by noticing a reduction in temperature and there is no wasteful energy/power being expended. Additionally, by utilizing synthetic base stock oils, the oil can function over a broad temperature range due to its high viscosity index. It is thermally stable, does not contain any unwanted contaminants, and helps to prevent any varnish deposit buildup due to its superior thermal stability.

Blended into these pure synthetic base stock oils is the finest additive chemistry found on the market. Our proprietary chemistry offers many useful benefits to the racer. By using a robust volume of high-performance anti-foaming agents, this fluid is capable of reducing operating temperatures by eliminating any foaming and releasing trapped air. This helps to ensure smooth operation and a more efficient response. It offers excellent low-temperature fluidity and fast flow of oil during cold, dry startups.










Champion Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid #9810 offers complete compatibility with all types of rubber seals. This racing oil‘s high thermal stability controls heat, thus minimizing any potential shrinkage of seals, thereby minimizing the chance of leakage and oil consumption. This racing fluid’s antioxidation agents help to minimize any oil thickening and help to prevent any deposit buildup such as carbon, sludge, or varnish.

Our exclusive rust and corrosion inhibitors create a protective film on the metal surfaces, protecting them from being attacked by any acids or moisture. The specialty friction modifiers and anti-wear inhibitors work in unison to reduce or eliminate friction and wear on synchronizers and gears. They also help to extend the service life of the power steering pump by keeping the metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other.

By using the finest synthetic base stock oils and our proprietary chemistry, you can expect extended drain intervals, fewer maintenance costs, and superior performance. Whether you are racing on dirt, asphalt, oval tracks, road racing circuits, off-road, or any other high-performance type of driving, Champion Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid #9810 is the only choice for your racing or high-performance steering system. It can be one of your best-kept racing speed secrets that helps you visit the winner’s circle more often than your competition!










Comes in ISO 32 viscosity grade.

Racing Power Steering Fluid specs.


12-Quart/Case, 4×1 Gallon Case


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