Red Grease Spray

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This Red Grease Spray has a wide range of potential uses,  clings to surfaces, and is effective in high-temperature and extreme pressure conditions.


  • Grease lubricant spray delivers great lubrication.
  • Spray grease in a can defends against oxidation, corrosion, and rust.
  • As a high temperature grease spray it is useable up to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius.)
  • Red Spray Grease decreases vibration and friction.
  • Spray grease lubricant protects against shock.
  • 65 lbs. Timken OK Load.
  • The color red makes visual examination more straightforward.
  • Quick penetration.
  • This high temp spray grease doesn’t melt.
  • NLGI Grade 2.
  • This red and tacky spray grease offers outstanding adhesion and cohesiveness, with the ability to withstand being thrown off at high speeds.

Applications For This Red Grease Spray:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Pistons and Cams
  • Cables
  • Guide Rails
  • Chains
  • Marine
  • Latches
  • Overhead Door Tracks
  • Open Gears
  • Slide Conveyors
  • Packaging

Please get in touch with us for a price quote on LPS Red & Redi Red Spray Grease:

  • LPS Red & Redi 16 oz. Aero 12/case (SOLD CASE QUANTITY ONLY.)


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