Red Line V-Twin Primary Case Oil

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Everyone thinks about the transmission side, but the clutch and primary chain need love, too.

  • For 1984-to-present V-Twin American motorcycle engines, including Milwaukee-Eight, Evolution, Twin Cam and aftermarket engines of similar design.
  • Same fluid as our famous MTL gear oil.
  • Improves clutch operation while reducing wear and temperature.
  • Where most synthetics are too slippery for clutch operation, this friction-balanced product is balanced to provide less slip, smoother operation and helps to apply more power in modified engines.
  • This product is for use in the primary chaincase with wet-diaphragm spring clutches.
  • Suitable for primary case in older British bikes.

Full-synthetic formulations specific to the latest V-Twins, UTVs, ATVs and Sportbikes.

Typical Properties

  • API Service Class: GL-4
  • SAE Viscosity Grade (Motor Oil:) 5W30
  • SAE Viscosity Grade (Gear Oil:) 75W80
  • Vis @ 100°C: 10.4
  • Vis @ 40°C: 50.8
  • Viscosity Index: 201
  • Pour Point, °C: -50
  • Pour Point, °F: -58
  • Brookfield Vis @ -40°C, P: 120

OEM Compatibility

Suitable replacement for:

API GL-4 / GL-3 / GL-1
SAE 75 / 80 / 75W80
SAE 30 / 5W30 / 10W30

Available in the following sizes: Quarts.


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