Red Lithium Ball Bearing Grease

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Among the many uses for the red lithium ball bearing grease known as Lubriplate LTR-2 are those in industry, transportation, and heavy equipment.

Conventional multi-purpose lithium greases and the vast majority of lithium complex greases are unable to compete with this red and tacky grease EP lubricant’s ability to sustain greater working temperatures without breaking down.


  • As a red grease for boat trailer bearings, water doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the sticky adhesiveness of Lubriplate LTR-2.
  • This red and sticky grease significantly reduces wear and extends the life of lubricants due to its high shear stability and film strength.

Applications For This Lubriplate Red Lithium Complex Grease

Lubriplate LTR-2 Red Lithium Ball Bearing Grease offers exceptional lubrication for a range of applications, such as:

  • Automotive, particularly fleet management and trucking operators will benefit from this red grease for bearings.
  • This waterproof red marine grease is excellent for marine equipment.
  • An EP red bearing grease designed for use on construction machinery.
  • Superior film strength, ideal for use in logging machinery.
  • The superior shear strength found in Lubriplate LTR-2 Red Lithium Ball Bearing Grease makes it perfect for mining equipment.
  • Temperatures of operation can be much higher for this red high temp grease in industrial applications.

For the lowest pricing on Lubriplate LTR-2 Red Heavy Duty Grease, please contact us:

  • Lubriplate LTR-2 Red Heavy Duty Grease Cartridge – 14.5 oz. (10/case)


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