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Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is a light viscosity, high-performance synthetic penetrating spray lubricant that can be used to free rusted stuck parts. This synthetic penetrating oil will also clean and provide long-lasting non-gumming general-purpose lubrication. Champion Rust Penetrating Oil offers superior protection and is able to remove surface rust and other deposits. Due to its high polarity characteristics, Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil stays in place and lubricates to protect metal parts from rust and corrosion.

Premium Oil-Based Penetrant

Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is a perfect example that illustrates the specialized care and engineering we put into building a synthetic penetrating lubricant that works and delivers results. When looking at the crowded market for penetrating oils, you start to see a pattern where most of your typical penetrants only offer one feature. They seem to only be useful as an anti-seize product, but little else.

Seizing takes place when the metal starts to oxidize and welds itself to another metal surface due to prolonged exposure to moisture and water. Your typical penetrating oil could offer a little help in the release of this seizing occurrence, but because they lack any lubricating oils that could help shed moisture, you’ll experience more frequent seizing.

Almost all standard penetrating oils are solvent-based, not oil-based, and this is a significant technical point that differentiates an inferior penetrant from a penetrating oil that offers solutions and long-term results. Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is synthetic oil-based, not solvent-based. It is engineered with an exclusive proprietary and superior chemistry. Plus, it is formulated with the finest synthetic lubricating oils. These synthetic lubricating oils together work synergistically and offer amazing clingability to metal surfaces due to their unique polar characteristics.

This high-quality synthetic rust penetrating oil offers impressive release capabilities and has a superior ability to protect metals and other components from rust and corrosion. By eliminating rust, corrosion, and seizing, time is saved along with money.

Rust Penetrating Oil Provides Anti-Friction Protection

Champion 2066 Synthetic Rust Penetrating Oil utilizes unique friction-reducing chemistry. This anti-friction ability offers protection for parts being lubricated by not allowing metal-to-metal contact. An example of a perfect application where an effective anti-friction penetrating oil would be helpful is when nuts and bolts are being assembled and disassembled.

Another reason why Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is such an effective friction release lubricant is due to the use of 100% pure synthetic base stock oils. Synthetic base stock oils are chemically manmade in a laboratory. The specialized synthetic lubricating oils used in this unique penetrating oil contain no unwanted contaminating elements. Also, these 100% pure synthetic base stock oils have a uniform molecular structure. When the molecules in a lubricating oil are all a similar size, this oil offers incredible flowability and has no fluid friction.

This feature allows Champion 2066 Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant to flow without any fluid friction in both cold and warm temperatures. Friction is reduced and eliminated. This amazing flowability allows it to creep into tight or stuck components affected by rust and other contaminants.

A Truly High-Performance Synthetic Lubricant

Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is a true synthetic oil-based penetrant, not a solvent-based one. Whether you are trying to open door openers, hood hinges, doors, locks, or utility equipment, Champion 2066 Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant will impart a true light film of synthetic lubricating oil that lasts and protects.

Resistant to Moisture and Water

Even though Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is a 100% synthetic oil-based penetrant, a unique aspect of its chemistry is its resistance against water contamination. This proprietary formula gives our synthetic penetrating lubricant the capability to effectively displace and eliminate any presence of moisture or water. This moisture displacement feature allows Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil to eliminate and prevent any potential rust and corrosion issues.

Also, it has very effective penetration abilities. This superior synthetic oil penetrant will creep deep into very tight places and will leave long-lasting oil film that also helps in preventing any possibility of damaging rusting and corrosive action.

Rust and Oxidation Prevention

This one-of-a-kind penetrating lubricant, through its combination of top tier polar-active synthetic lubricating oils and its complex proprietary additive chemistry, offers the equipment operator a true synthetic penetrant that was engineered to exhibit anti-corrosion and anti-rust abilities. This preventative chemistry contains high levels of rust and corrosion inhibitors that act as superior penetrating agents that work at effectively dissolving any rust found on parts, metals, bolts, and nuts.

Multi-Purpose and Versatile

Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil is used by many industrial customers and has found useful applications in a variety of places. It is used to free seized parts, provide lubrication to power tools and lawnmowers, and has been used effectively in machine shops, guns shops, marine repair shops, heating & cooling industries, automotive & truck repair shops, construction industries, and countless other environments.

Many Champion 2066 Rust Penetrating Oil customers use this premium synthetic oil-based penetrant because it frees rusted parts quickly, offers superior rust and oxidation protection, provides excellent displacement of moisture and water, helps in protecting metal parts if exposed to friction, and all in all customers have found it to reduce downtime and save money.

Champion’s FREE Used Oil Analysis Program

Consistent and regular oil analysis is critical to having a successful maintenance and lubrication program. That is why Champion is proud to offer our oil analysis as a FREE value-added service to all Champion customers. This FREE oil analysis service will help maximize your maintenance program’s return on investment (ROI.) The test monitors viscosity degradation, water content, contaminants, and TAN (total acid number.)

By periodically and regularly conducting a used oil analysis on your equipment, it allows your technicians to spot potential problems such as abnormal wear and contamination before they become serious problems.


  • outstanding penetrating capabilities
  • removes surface rust and other deposits
  • resists water contamination
  • protects against wear, rust, and corrosion
  • enhanced cleaning properties

Champion Synthetic Rust Penetrating Oil spec sheet.

Available in 1-ounce bottles, 8-ounce bottles, 16-ounce bottles, and quart bottles.


12 – 1 Ounce/Case, 12 – 4 Ounce/Case, 12 – 8 Ounce/Case, 12 – 16 Ounce/Case, 12 – 1 Quart/Case


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