Sprayon Belt Dressing

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Sprayon Belt Dressing has shown effectiveness even when exposed to damp or outdoor circumstances.

This belt dressing for cars will not glaze and won’t accumulate dust or dirt.

Considered the best belt dressing spray, it conditions belts while boosting pulling force by up to 50 percent.

The Spray Anyway valve enables for treatment of the running belt’s underside (in the case of flat belts) or the sheaves (in the case of V belts) while the belt is still in motion.

Sprayon Belt Dressing reduces the squeaking noise produced by worn belts.

This belt conditioner spray contains no rosin or asphalt, improves pulling power, doesn’t collect dirt or glaze, and features a Spray Anyway valve.

Sprayon Belt Dressing is used on rubber, leather, fabric, canvas, V, flat or round belts, farm machinery belting, auto fan belts, and industrial belt drives, including fans and generators.


  • This automotive belt dressing improves pulling power by up to fifty percent.
  • This belt dressing & conditioner has a NSF Registration Number 115092 and is P1 Rated.
  • This car belt conditioner is equipped with the unique Spray Anyway Valve.
  • Sprayon Belt Dressing drying time @ 70°F @ 50% R.h., is ready to touch in 10-15 minutes, and can be recoated anytime.
  • This auto belt dressing is weather proof.

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  • Sprayon SP607 Belt Dressing – 11 oz. (12/case), SKU# S00607
  • Sprayon SP607 Belt Dressing – 5 gallon pail, SKU# S60705000


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