Sprayon® EL2007 Non Flammable Air Duster

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Sprayon® EL2007 Non Flammable Air Duster is a non-flammable pressurized gas that eliminates dust, lint, ferrous oxide, and other pollutants.

This non flammable canned air cleaner is non-abrasive and especially suitable for use on sensitive components and equipment where trapped fluid might pose a problem.

Since no hazardous solvents are included, it is safe for plastic.

Sprayon® EL2007 Non Flammable Duster is non-flammable, safe on plastics, has a high delivery rate, and gets rid of microscopic particles.

Sprayon® EL2007 Non Flammable Air Duster is used on optical equipment, electronic equipment, printers, photographic equipment, personal computers, laboratory equipment, data equipment, film negatives, and mechanical assemblies.

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  • Sprayon EL2007 Non-Flammable Duster – 10 oz. (12/case,) SKU# S02007000


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