Sprayon® EL2846 Electrical Solvent Cleaner

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Sprayon® EL2846 Electrical Solvent Cleaner is a non-flammable, quick-evaporating cleaner that removes dirt, grease, oil, and wax rapidly.

This non flammable electrical solvent increases the longevity of electrical components by eliminating extraneous contaminants that might result in expensive downtime.

As an electrical solvent it is much more effective and quicker degreasing than alkaline cleansers.

Sprayon® EL2846 Electrical Solvent Cleaner is outstanding for cleaning steel sheets and strips before galvanizing.

This product comes with a high-delivery valve for efficient cleaning and an extension tube for difficult-to-reach locations.

Sprayon® EL2846 Non Chlorinated Electrical Degreaser is non-chlorinated, non-flammable, and fast evaporating. It also emits no hazardous air pollutants and has a dielectric strength of 15,000 volts.

Sprayon® EL2846 Electrical Solvent Cleaner is used on electric motors, air tools, generators, clutches, brakes, sprockets, chains, dies, wire rope, relays, molds, radar equipment, locks, air conditioners, and material handling equipment.

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  • Sprayon EL2846 Non-Chlorinated Flash Free Electrical Solvent 18oz 12/case, SKU# S284600


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