Sprayon EL749 Electrical Degreaser

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Sprayon® EL749 Electrical Degreaser is a powerful electric motor degreaser that swiftly removes oil, dirt, wax, tar, and grease.

Sprayon Electrical Degreaser creates no residue.

There are no Class I or Class II substances present in this electrical degreaser spray.

Sprayon EL749 Electrical Degreaser has a dielectric strength of 16,800 volts.

This electrical degreaser aerosol is fitted with a high-efficiency delivery valve and an extension tube for difficult-to-reach regions.

Sprayon® EL 749 Electrical Degreaser has a dielectric strength 16,800 volts and leaves no residue. It is excellent for use on non-energized equipment and is an alternative to 1,1,1 Trichloroethene.

Sprayon® EL 749 Electrical Degreaser is great for use on air tools, relays, gears, wire rope, sprockets, molds, brakes, clutches, locks, dies, chains, generators, air conditioners, radar equipment,
material handling equipment, and electrical motors.

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  • Sprayon EL749 Electrical Degreaser 15oz 12/case, SKU# S00749


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