Sprayon EL848 Electrical Degreaser

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Sprayon® EL848 Electrical Degreaser is a non-combustible, fast-evaporating cleaner that penetrates rapidly to remove oil, dirt, wax, grease, and other foreign contaminants that may shorten the life of electrical components and create expensive downtime.

Sprayon EL848 is many times more effective and quicker degreasing than alkaline cleansers.

Sprayon EL848 Electrical Degreaser is great for aluminum degreasing and cleaning steel sheets and strips before galvanizing.

For hard-to-reach regions, extension tubes are supplied along with a high-efficiency delivery valve for cleaning purposes.

Sprayon® EL848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and leaves behind no residue. It replaces 1,1,1 Trichloroethene.

Sprayon® EL848 Electrical Degreaser can be used on generators, electric motors, brakes, air tools, chains, clutches, wire rope, sprockets, molds, dies, locks, relays, material handling equipment, radar equipment, and air conditioners.

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  • Sprayon EL848 Flash Free Electrical Degreaser 20 oz. 12/case SKU# SP-S20848
  • Sprayon EL848 Heavy Duty Flash Free Electrical Solvent 16 oz. 12/case SKU# SP-S00848


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