Sprayon LU103 Rust Breaker Spray

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Sprayon LU103 Rust Breaker Spray is a fast-acting rust remover that also penetrates dirt and grease.

Sprayon LU103 Rust Breaker Penetrant is a non-staining, translucent oil that protects against corrosion by dispersing moisture.

Rust breaker is for safe and precise application. A jet stream sprays up to 2 ft. in height.

As the best rust breaker spray, it’s a corrosion and rust preventative chemical that only needs one application.

Sprayon Rust Breaker Penetrant delivers a comforting vanilla aroma.

Sprayon LU103 Rust Breaker Spray uses a propellant that is non-flammable, won’t damage surfaces that are painted, loosens frozen parts and rust, and offers fast penetration.

Sprayon® LU103 Rust Breaker® Penetrant is used for repair work, releasing frozen or rusted bolts and lugs, general overhaul, automotive parts, non-phosphated or phosphated machined parts, crank shafts, and other metal components.

Sprayon® LU 103 Rust Breaker® Penetrant is equipped with an extension tube and Spray Anyway valve.

As the best rust breaker it has a jet stream spray for application that is accurate and safe.

Sprayon LU103 Rust Breaker Spray is a water displacer, penetrant, rust inhibitor, and a propellant that is non-flammable.


Plastic Safe: Yes
Dielectric Strength: 47,400 volts
Temperature Range:
Low: -20°F
High: 550°F
Load Capacity: Low
Salt Spray Corrosion: (ASTM B-117) will withstand over 120 hrs.
Humidity Cabinet Test: (ASTM D-1748) 2,000 hours minimum.
NSF Registration Number: 115050, H2 Rated

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  • Sprayon LU103 Rust Breaker Penetrant – 10 oz. (12/case,) SKU# S00103


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