Sprayon® LU205 Food Safe Chain Lube

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Sprayon® LU205 Food Safe Chain Lube is a proprietary combination of the highest grade oils, the most powerful extreme pressure, and additives that provide anti-wear protection,
lubricity, anti oxidation and corrosion protection respectively.

PTFE is applied in order to lessen the amount of friction and increase the load capacity.

In addition to its many other benefits, LU205 is resistant to water and can operate well in high temperatures.

Because of its foaming action, it is capable of providing deep penetration and precise application.

The patented Spray AnywayTM valve, anti-wear capabilities, exceptional water resistance, extreme pressure lubricity, foaming action for deep penetration, and more are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from using Sprayon® LU205 Food Safe Chain Lube.

Bearings, cables, conveyor chains, fans, locks, roller and link assemblies, pumps, hinges, air tools, conveyors, hoist chains, pumps, packing equipment, and conveyor electrical motors are some of the things that it is effective on.

Maintenance and production personnel in bottling plants, dairies, bakeries, egg processors, meat and poultry processors, and canneries are some of the most dedicated users of Sprayon® LU205 Food Safe Chain Lube. This product has built a devoted user following over the years.

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  • Sprayon LU205 Food Grade Chain Lubricant 15oz. 12/case, SKU# S00205000


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