Sprayon LU710 Waxy Film Protectant

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The high solids compound Sprayon LU710 Waxy Film Protectant is effective against corrosion in a variety of settings.

The composition of Sprayon LU710 product offers lasting protection for all metal surfaces, such as the underbody of a car and other crevice spots that are prone to corrosion.

Sprayon LU 710 coating is not only malleable and firm, but it also has a polar affinity to the surfaces of metals and does not break, age, or become hard.

LU710 dry coating is non-combustible and provides protection for the wiring and connectors used in electrical systems.

In addition to preventing galvanic corrosion, Sprayon LU710 Waxy Film Protectant is safe for use with materials that are used in the building of vehicles as well as paints.

The coating acts as a lubricant for the joints and protects them from corrosion caused by fretting.

The heavy-duty water-displacing film provides additional safety for equipment or components kept outside, even in the presence of excessive humidity or salt water.

It may be removed with relative ease using kerosene, perchloroethylene, or petroleum solvents.

Sprayon LU710 Waxy Film Protectant was developed to withstand the elements for an extended period of time, de-moisturize, penetrate, withstand humidity testing at 120 degrees Fahrenheit per ASTM D-1748, protect against rust with a waxy film, and withstand salt spray testing at 1,000 hours per ASTM B-117.

Tools, automotive parts, weapons, threads, locks, assemblies, machine tools, hinges, castings, aircraft parts, engines and parts, gears, dies, fabricated parts, marine engines, molds, ignitions,
electrical equipment, generators, and armatures are all examples of things that can benefit from using Sprayon LU710 Waxy Film Protectant.

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