Sprayon LU728 Non Flammable Lubricant Spray

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Sprayon® LU728 Non Flammable Lubricant Spray is a product that has been designed in order to fulfill the requirements for a safe lubricant that is non-combustible, has a low HMIS rating, and has all of the performance characteristics of a synthetic, high load capable, premium lubricant.

LU728 Non Flammable Lubricant, which has been improved with P.T.F.E. to increase its lubricity, is the preferred lubricant of industrial workers due to its reliability and lack of fire hazard.

The special chemistry behind Sprayon® LU728 Non Flammable Synthetic Lubricant means it is non-combustible, has a high H1 rating, is made with PTFE, provides exceptional pressure performance, is odorless, and has a low HMIS rating.

You may use Sprayon® LU728 Non Flammable Lubricant Spray on food processing equipment with total peace of mind, including hinges, linkages, bolts and nuts, cables, conveyors, chains, and more.

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  • Sprayon LU728 Non-flammable Synthetic lubricant 8.75oz. 12/case, SKU# S00728000


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