Sprayon LU777 Metal Protectant Spray

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Sprayon LU777 Metal Protectant Spray is a specifically created waxy corrosion-preventative chemical, and two of its qualities are long-lasting outside protection and excellent lubrication.

More than two thousand hours of protection against salt spray are afforded by this outdoor metal protectant spray, a waxy, somewhat sticky protectant and lubricant.

The use of LUTM777 Outdoor Metal Protectant, a rust protection spray for metal, is perfect for the prevention of rust in all areas of a vehicle, including the underbody, underbody cavities, and chassis.

Sprayon LU777 Metal Protectant Spray is a great barrier in areas with high levels of humidity and works on all plastic, rubber, and metal surfaces, in addition to painted ones.

The Sprayon® LUTM777 Outdoor Metal Protectant, a spray protectant for metal, was developed with the goals of preventing rust, displacing moisture, penetrating, meeting the requirements of Mil-C-16173D-Grade 2, and providing durability for a period of 24 months.

Gears, storage tanks, dies, containers, locks, castings, threads, industrial machines and parts, oil field equipment, molds, sheet steel, marine parts, and engines, electrical equipment, cables,
frames and bodies of machines and vehicles, and generators can all benefit from being treated with Sprayon LU777 Metal Protectant Spray.

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