Sprayon Moly Chain Lubricant

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Sprayon® Moly Chain Lubricant is a lubricant with a high viscosity that adheres to moving components.

Sprayon LU202 offers a long-lasting lubrication that is provided by its foaming action, which penetrates the tight tolerances of chain drive pins and bushings.

By using this moly chain lube, wear on moving components and metal-on-metal friction is decreased.

The moly addition enhances Sprayon LU 202 Moly Roller Chain Lubes’ abilities to withstand the increased pressure demands of start-up strain.

The exclusive Spray Anyway Valve enables material to be applied to a surface whether the can is inverted or held upright.

Sprayon® Moly Chain Lubricant is a moly additive that enables load capabilities to be improved.

Sprayon Moly Chain Lubricant LU 202 offers a penetrating foaming action and functions well under extreme pressure.

Moly chain lube is also non-drying and long-lasting.

Sprayon® Moly Chain Lubricant can be used on forklift trucks, chain pins and drives, roller and link assemblies, machinery, tractors, conveyors, rollers, bicycle and motorcycle chains,
clippers, sprockets, chain saws, and cutter bars.

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