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SUPER HIGH HEAT™ #618 is a heavy-duty granular drain opener.

This drain opener contains extra powerful caustic granules activated with aluminum needles to quickly unclog drains and sewers and keep them free-flowing. When added to water, it releases large amounts of heat and turbulence to liquefy, dissolve and loosen fats, oils, and other organic matter that typically clog drains and sewer lines. It offers the fastest action available in a non-acid drain opener.

Available in: 50 pound pail.

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Use in:

  • Manholes
  • Drains
  • Food plants
  • Packing houses
  • Canneries

Effective Against

  • Animal fats
  • Hair
  • Organic matter
  • Vegetable oils
  • Paper
  • Hard-water soap deposits

Features and Benefits

  • Contains extra caustic and heat-generating aluminum needles.
  • Releases tremendous amounts of heat and turbulence to liquefy blockages in drain and sewers for the fastest action available in a non-acid drain opener.


Appearance: Red pellets with aluminum granules
Fragrance: None
Flashpoint: None
pH: 14.0
Stability: 1 year
Solubility in water: Complete (very reactive)

Directions (Complete directions on product label)

Manholes: Pour or shovel 20 pounds into manholes above the clog.
Industrial: Use 1-2 pounds in normal drains. Where grease or organic waste is high, use 3-5 pounds.


NSF L1: Compounds for use in sewage or drain lines.


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