Super Penetrating Oil

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Permatex 80052 Super Penetrating Oil was developed to aid in the removal and disassembly of corroded and rusted mechanical components and is packed in a handy aerosol spray container.

Permatex Super Penetrant has a low viscosity which allows it to swiftly break down the link between oxidized metals and to release their surfaces with a thin lubricating coating.

To release thread assemblies that have been frozen or rusted, or that were not built with the corrosion and vibration protection of Permatex threadlocker solutions, the company developed Permatex Fast Break Super Penetrant.

Additionally, this product prevents rust from forming on pivot arms, linkages, and cables, and ensures that cables and linkages move smoothly.

Benefits Of Permatex 80052 Super Penetrating Oil:

  • Because of its low surface tension, it provides quick penetrability.
  • Makes it easier to separate oxidized metals by lubricating them.
  • Offers superior corrosion protection.
  • Protects screw heads from being deformed.
  • Developed in a way that satisfies regulations on volatile organic compounds.

Common Applications:

Automotive components, engine repairs, exhaust systems, and brake assemblies may all benefit from the lubrication provided by Permatex 80052 Super Penetrating Oil.

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  • Permatex #68 Fast Break Super Penetrating Oil 12 oz. 12/case (PX80052)


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