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Champion Supplies’ premium line of synthetic hydraulic oils are formulated to withstand the harshest conditions and the most demanding operating environments. Our 2289 Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids are blended from the finest synthetic base stocks available. These premium industrial synthetic hydraulic oils can be used in a wide range of hydraulic applications. This highly engineered formulation utilizes state-of-the-art additives.

These high-performance additives help to resist carbon and varnish formation. Champion’s Synthetic Hydraulic Oil utilizes proprietary anti-wear chemistry that works to reduce friction, wear, and heat, providing the necessary protection for hydraulic equipment for the most extreme applications. This top tier synthetic hydraulic oil will deliver long fluid life and will help to control carbon and varnish, thus leading to a vast reduction in deposits. The synthetic base stock oils are thermally stable and offer superior oxidation stability. This premium synthetic hydraulic oil is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Over the last ten years, surveys and studies have shown that conventional hydraulic oils leak more, cause more pump wear, and cause more system failure than transmission, gear, and engine oils put together. Why is this? Technically speaking, low-grade hydraulic fluids use low quantities of additives, such as anti-foam, anti-wear, and low-grade thermal stability base stock oils. This combination makes conventional hydraulic fluids ineffective at protecting seals, pumps, and other vital hydraulic components.

Champion Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils are formulated with only one goal in mind: to help the owner/operator in protecting their important hydraulic systems. Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Oils utilize the absolute finest synthetic base stock oils, along with the latest top tier additive chemistry in robust amounts. These superior oils are the industry’s best in providing long service and protection.

Superior Base Stock Technology

There are two choices in terms of base stock oils to use when formulating a hydraulic fluid. The conventional choice would be to use mineral or petroleum base stock oils. Conventional base stock oils are refined from crude oil. When the crude oil is refined through a complex series of processes, the goal is to try to extract unwanted contaminating elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, nickel, and/or vanadium.

Unfortunately, for technical and cost-effective reasons, these petroleum base stock oils still contain unwanted byproducts when the refining processes are finished. In other words, they cannot be completely removed through this refining process. Also, when refining crude oil, the process separates the various types of molecules found in the base stock oil by weight, leaving molecules that are similar in weight but dissimilar in structure. Because the molecular structure of a petroleum base stock is dissimilar, it offers inferior performance for any lubricant.

The other base stock oil choice for a chemist would be to utilize synthetics. Synthetic base stock oils are chemically engineered in the laboratory to form pure lubricants. These manmade synthetic base stock oils contain no unwanted contaminants. The chemist designs these base stock oils for a very specific purpose.

They are able to engineer and design oils that contain similar or uniform molecular structures. These uniform molecular structures provide features or properties that deliver superior friction reduction, better energy efficiency, superior film strength, and extreme temperature performance that conventional lubricants cannot match.

Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oils utilize only state-of-the-art pure synthetic base stock oils.

Thermal Stable Base Oils

Hydraulic systems and hydraulic fluids are often exposed to extreme conditions such as high temperatures, water, moisture, and debris. When you combine these destructive issues, they can lead a conventional hydraulic oil to rapidly oxidize. When this happens, the oil starts to break down and produces harmful sludge, acids, and varnish.

These contaminants will lead to a thick, sticky substance within the oil that can raise havoc in the hydraulic pumps, seals, and metal parts. Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil was formulated to effectively perform in the most severe conditions. To accomplish this, Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil was blended using state-of-the-art synthetic base stock oils that naturally offer superior thermal stability.

Additionally, a proprietary heavy-duty anti-oxidation package is blended in. This dual-stage primary and secondary anti-oxidant chemistry offers the ultimate in antioxidative protection. This combination of superior synthetic base stock oils and the exclusive dual-stage anti-oxidant chemistry work synergistically together to make Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid perform in the most difficult environments. It can be run for up to 10,000 hours. This is five times better than conventional hydraulic fluids.

Superior Foam Resistance

For a hydraulic system to perform efficiently and return maximum operating performance, it is imperative the hydraulic oil is uncontaminated, since the fluid is the critical medium for the hydraulic system to perform its function. If water and moisture were to enter the system and cause contamination, this water/moisture combination will create unwanted foaming. This is especially possible if temperatures become higher. Additionally, if the air were to be present within the system and oil, this will also create unwanted foaming.

Again, Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil is a preemptive product that helps stop potential problems in their tracks. Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Fluid utilizes an exclusive anti-foam additive package in robust volumes. This anti-foam chemistry will effectively release and eliminate any water or air contamination that could be causing foaming. Foaming is an enemy of hydraulic fluid. Foam is an insulator that will trap heat and heat is detrimental to oil, hydraulic components, and seals.

By utilizing Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil, you will vastly or totally eliminate foam. This reduction or elimination of foam greatly reduces high temperatures, which leads to prolonged fluid and component life.

Superior Wear Protection

Champion Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil uses a unique anti-wear additive package. Our chemists wanted to create a non-toxic hydraulic fluid that offered superior anti-wear protection. This proprietary anti-wear chemistry forms a tough protective film on all hydraulic component metal surfaces. This high-performance anti-wear film helps in maintaining an armor-like protective barrier between metal-to-metal parts.

The synergistic combination of superior thermally stable synthetic base stock oils, along with our exclusive anti-wear additive chemistry, delivers a wear-reducing protective film on metal surfaces. This combination vastly reduces friction and wear, which leads to a reduction in temperatures that ultimately translates to extended oil and equipment life.

Seal Protection

A typical hydraulic system piston needs to perform under very high pressures. This environment calls for a hydraulic fluid that can help minimize friction of the sensitive and critical seal materials without causing the seal itself to be damaged. To create such a lubricant is a complex challenge. Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Oil is more than up to this tough challenge.

Champion Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid utilizes its own proprietary state-of-the-art additive chemistry that was designed to protect hydraulic system seals at all costs. Friction reduction and extended fluid life is the common feature and characteristic of this top tier lubricant. When changing from conventional hydraulic oils to our premium Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Fluid you can expect actual savings in dollars.

Rust and Corrosion Protection

Regardless of whether water, acids, or other detrimental byproducts exist within a hydraulic system, hydraulic oil should be able to protect vital hydraulic component parts from rusting and corroding if the oil was correctly formulated.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the most low-priced conventional hydraulic fluids. Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil utilizes larger volumes of heavy-duty additives to deal with any potential problems that may exist. You can be assured metal surfaces will be protected from rust and corrosion no matter the environment. The specialized rust and corrosion additives that we formulate into our product will create a tough protective film that coats all metal surfaces, thus helping to protect these critical metal surfaces from moisture and other corrosive enemies.

Be assured that by using Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Oil, you can forget about ever having any rusting problems in your hydraulic system.

Champion’s FREE Used Oil Analysis Program

Consistent and regular oil analysis is critical to having a successful maintenance and lubrication program. That is why Champion is proud to offer our oil analysis as a FREE value-added service to all Champion customers. This FREE oil analysis service will help maximize your maintenance program’s return on investment (ROI.) The test monitors viscosity degradation, water content, contaminants, and TAN (total acid number.)

By periodically and regularly conducting a used oil analysis on your equipment, it allows your technicians to spot potential problems such as abnormal wear and contamination before they become serious problems.

Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Oil: Performance You Can Depend On!

Your standard inferior hydraulic fluid will thicken during cold temperatures, which may lead to pump cavitation or uneven hydraulic performance. Conventional hydraulic fluids utilize petroleum base stock oils that contain wax and when exposed to colder temperatures, the oil starts to thicken up.

When temperatures are elevated, these same conventional hydraulic oils will thin out, which will lead to leakage around seals. Additionally, petroleum-based hydraulic oils that are thinning out due to high temperatures will cause an increase of wear and will create a domino effect of problems. On the flip side, Champion Synthetic AW Hydraulic Fluid was engineered to be extremely stable regardless of hot or cold temperatures.

Champion Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid delivers consistently stable and superior flow characteristics over long periods of use. Through the use of the finest quality synthetic base stock oils and the large volumes of high-performance additives, Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid offers superior viscosity stability and performance. There is no better dependable hydraulic fluid on the market.

As an added benefit to using Champion Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid, we offer our customers FREE OIL ANALYSIS! This advanced oil analysis will help maximize the life of the oil and provide a scientific prognosis of the condition of your hydraulic system and fluid.

This product is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Available in the following ISO Grades: 32, 46, 68, 100.


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5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100


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