Tar and Asphalt Remover

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This Tar and Asphalt Remover is formulated with the all-natural power of citrus in order to provide a thick adhering emulsifiable organic solvent.

We recommend using this asphalt remover for cars as one of your maintenance options if you’re seeking a natural and powerful cleanser.

Made with 70 percent d-Limonene, it is the best tar remover for car paint, plus it is so powerful that it can remove even the most stubborn tar and asphalt off machinery and equipment.

The fact that this tar remover for cars is thixotropic indicates that it rapidly adheres to different surfaces without running.

This pine tar remover is the ideal solution for cleaning vertical surfaces such as ceilings without requiring the use of additional safety gear or wasting product during the cleaning process.

This bug and tar remover adheres to vertical surfaces for optimal cleaning of asphalt rollers, asphalt spreaders, brick, stone, masonry, roofing forms, roofing tools, heating pots, paddles, paddle buckets, brooms, shovels and other asphalt and roofing equipment.

Tar, pitch, resin, asphalt, and roofing chemicals are no match for this asphalt and tar remover’s cleaning power.

The following is a list of the enticing features and benefits that can be found in this bug and tar remover for cars:

  • This tar remover is an effective technique to remove resistant soils such as tar, asphalt, pitch, and roofing chemicals.
  • Clinging technology is used in the production of this road tar remover, which ensures that there is no waste from run-off.
  • It’s easy to remove this asphalt remover with hot or cold water.
  • This citrus tar remover eliminates unpleasant odors as it cleans.

Use Tar and Asphalt Remover in accordance with these instructions:

Apply the cleaner to the area to be cleaned by mopping, brushing, or spraying it on.

This Asphalt and Tar Remover needs at least 10–15 minutes to fully penetrate.

Remove completely with a high-pressure spray.

Before applying it on plastic, try it out in an area that won’t be seen.


This Tar and Asphalt Remover has been given the C1 cleaner designation by the NSF.

This indicates that this Asphalt and Tar Remover is classified as a cleaning product for all surfaces in non-processing areas, outdoor spaces, and locations where indelible substances are processed.

Available in: 6 x 1 quart, 4 x 1 gallon, 6 x 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 6 gallon, 30 gallon, 35 gallon, and 55 gallon.


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