Tri Flow Clear Synthetic Grease

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Tri Flow Clear Synthetic Grease is a high-pressure, non-melting, waterproof lubricant used to prevent water damage.

Tri Flow Synthetic Grease comes in a convenient squeeze tube for simple application and fits a grease gun well.

TF23004 Tri Flow Grease is suitable with the majority of rubbers and plastics and can withstand temperatures between -10° and +400° Fahrenheit.

Guaranteed to improve the performance of your equipment’s moving components, such as tracks and bearings, allowing them to last longer, operate more quietly, and operate more smoothly.

Tri Flow Clear Synthetic Grease, made with P.T.F.E., is designed to resist corrosion in marine environments.

If you are seeking for the best deal on Tri-Flow Industrial Synthetic Food Grade Lubricant, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with a quote:

  • Tri-Flow Industrial Synthetic Food Grade Lubricant w/ Teflon – 3 oz. (6/case)


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