Triflow For Bike Chains

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We recommend Triflow For Bike Chains because it is a great lubrication with a low viscosity that can reach even the most inaccessible moving components.

You can apply TF20005 Tri Flow Lubricant for Bike Chain evenly because of the aerosol spray motion.

When it comes to lubrication, nothing beats the performance of Triflow Chain Lube Premium Petroleum Oils, even when subjected to wet and dry conditions (-40 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.)

TF20005 Triflow for Bike Chains special ingredients displace moisture and prevent rust and corrosion, while specially formulated solvents soften and remove dirt and impurities.

If you would like the best pricing on TF20005 TriFlow Industrial Lube with PTFE, please get in touch with us:

  • TriFlow Lube Teflon 4oz Aero 12/cs SKU# TF20009
  • TriFlow Lube Teflon 6oz Aero 12/cs SKU# TF20005


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