Triflow Industrial Lubricant

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Utilize Triflow Industrial Lubricant with Teflon for double the lubricating power of competing products.

Since Tri Flow TF20027 has a low viscosity, it has the potential to quickly permeate moving components that are difficult to reach.

Under severe temperatures (-60 to 475F) and humidity, Tri Flow Lubricant Premium Petroleum Oils give the best lubrication.

Special ingredients in Triflow spray displace moisture and prevent rust and corrosion, while specially formulated solvents soften and remove dirt and impurities.

Tri Flow Superior Lubricant uses:

  • Triflow Industrial Lubricant Works well for removing rusty and corroded fasteners from nuts and bolts.
  • The best lubricant for chains and other moving parts.


  • Optimal performance in all environments, including rainy and dry terrain, as well as on roads and trails.

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  • TriFlow Industrial Lubricant w/ PTFE 6oz Aerosol 12/case SKU# 20025
  • TriFlow Industrial Lubricant w/ PTFE 12oz Aerosol 12/case SKU# TF20027


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