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Ideal for styling and untangling wet hair. Single strand, twin-level nylon tufts gently glide through hair. Safe to use on all types of hair. Available in various elegant colors.

Hand-made in France, these sturdy hair brushes are designed with 300 flexible rectangular bristles of different sizes. They guarantee a painless experience. Ultra-Light, tested and preferred by hairstylists. It works to get through knots and tangles with little effort to make your hair smooth, and strong, with less breakage.

The Sohyo Hair Brush can be used on dry and wet hair. They are fun and ergonomic, meeting the needs of all types of hair, including: Dry, Normal, Straight, Wavy, Fine, Long, Thick, Thin, and Oily.

The flip flop shape and strap guarantee a snug fit, so it won’t slide off even in the wettest of hands.

Fits perfectly in your hand for precise styling, detangling, and grooming wet or dry hair.

300 flexible teeth engineered with shape retention memory for a more comfortable experience. The three different teeth lengths are ideal for quick and easy hair crimping and to create extra volume.

The innovative rectangular teeth are strategically positioned in hair brushing direction in order to guarantee effortless untangling and straightening.

  • Made of high grade anti-static material
  • Very light
  • Very gentle on your hair
  • Ideal for quick touch up throughout the day
  • Fits easily in your bag


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