Vinyl Ring Terminals

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These vinyl insulated ring terminals’ internal barrel design ensures optimal wire contact and tensile strength.

The 22-18 ring terminal, along with the blue and yellow color-coded crimp ring terminals, are insulated with vinyl.

When the 16-14 ring terminal is crimped, the insulation on the barrel offers protection and strain relief.

The 12-10 ring terminal construction offers a stable connection in situations with significant vibration.

Vinyl insulation aids in preventing wire damage during bending applications.

Vinyl ring terminals are the least expensive for use in moderate environments.

Vinyl Ring Terminals are available in:

  • AWG 22-16 GA, fits 1/4″ stud (Red)
  • AWG 22-16 GA, #10 (Red)
  • AWG 22-16 GA, #8 (Red)
  • AWG 22-16 GA, #8 Spade (Red)
  • AWG 16-14 GA, fits 1/4″ stud (Blue)
  • AWG 16-14 GA, #10 (Blue)
  • AWG 12-10 GA, fits 1/2″ stud (Yellow)
  • AWG 12-10 GA, fits 1/4″ stud (Yellow)
  • AWG 12-10 GA, #10 (Yellow)

Quantity: 100 vinyl ring terminals per bag.


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