Worm Gear Lubricant

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Known as Worm Gear Lubricant, Lubriplate SPO 288 is an ISO 680 and AGMA 8 worm gear lubricant that generates an extremely tacky and lubricating film.

This worm gear grease lubricating film is designed for high-sliding action in bevel, worm, spur, and helical gears, as well as chains, machine ways, and other components.

This product includes mineral oil that will minimize heat and friction, hence increasing efficiency.

The anti-wear qualities of this brass worm gear grease is suitable with alloys like bronze, brass, and silver.

This worm gear oil is ideal for high-humidity, high-temperature, and high-load locations found in several sectors, including mills, quarries, and food processing facilities.

Advantages of Lubriplate SPO 288 Worm Gear Lubricant

  • As a grease for worm gears maintenance expenses and power consumption may be decreased by minimizing wear, friction, and high operating temperatures.
  • This worm drive grease will exhibit superior thermal and oxidation stability, which retards the production of acidic impurities, carbonaceous material, and higher viscosities, hence increasing the fluid’s service life.
  • As a worm gear lube it provides high filterability and demulsibility, hence facilitating the removal of water and pollutants.
  • Offer a coating that is anti-wear, sticky, and cohesive while protecting all metal surfaces from corrosion and rust.
  • This worm drive gear oil also shields copper and copper alloys from the chemical assault of pollutants.
  • As a grease for worm gearboxs it facilitates streamlined lubricant management, such as using a single oil for ways, gear boxes, and bearings.
  • Worm Gear Lubricant provides compatibility with seals.


  • Cone Drive has tested and certified Lubriplate SPO-288, ISO 680, AGMA 8 worm gear oil for use in double-enveloping worm gear applications.
  • This is the only certified brass worm gear grease that does not include additives for excessive pressure or acid-free tallow.


  • Lubriplate SPO 288 worm gear oil is carefully formulated for a broad range of industrial applications, including general lubrication, gear cases, chains, and machine ways.
  • These oils will produce a durable layer that lowers heat and friction.
    By virtue of its polar affinity, Lubriplate SPO 288 Worm Gear Lubricant prevents corrosion and rust on metal surfaces, as well as chemical corrosion.
  • This is because these oils offer superior demulsibility, oxidation resistance, and heat stability, all of which contribute to a longer lubricant lifespan.

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  • Lubriplate SPO-288 Worm Gear Lubricant – 2 lb./1 qt. (12/case)


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