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Questions to Ask Contractors for Kitchen Remodels

Remodeling small kitchens can seem like a monumental task, despite the small space you are working with. The kitchen is typically the most frequently used room of the house, and is often a home base of sorts for cooking, eating, doing projects and homework, and spending time together. When every decision you make can make or break your ideas for the home base of your household, you are probably better off hiring a professional for small kitchen remodeling.

Other than the specifics of what you want your small kitchen to look like when you are finished with such an involved project, there are major safety factors involved. Remodeling small kitchens will often require the expertise of someone with the knowledge of an electrician and the careful measurements of a professional. Kitchen remodels are often more involved and difficult than any other room in your house, so hiring a professional contractor is certainly worth it.

Before you hire a professional contractor, however, there are some questions to ask contractors for kitchen remodels. Getting these things sorted out before you hire someone can help determine whether or not you are hiring the right person for the job.

Sorting Out Licensing

Any contractor you hire, especially for a job as intricate as a kitchen remodel, should be licensed and bonded. The contractor you speak to should have proof of their licenses and should be able to provide proof of any of their specialized services.

Other Staff Concerns

As all contractors are not also licensed electricians, get a list of the people your potential contractor will be working with. You want and need to know who else might be coming in and out of your home. You want them to have the proper licensing as well.

Referrals for Remodeling Small Kitchens

To find a good contractor that will work well with you, it is best to get recommendations from word of mouth. If you do not know anyone that knows of a contractor specifically, sites like Angie’s List will give you firsthand accounts of clients’ reviews of particular businesses, including contractors.

In any case, a good contractor will likely have a list of previous clients as referrals that you can call and speak with.

Scheduling Tips

Make sure that whoever you decide to hire will be available when you need them, and able to complete the project within an agreed-upon amount of time. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can drag out the process a little, but you do want to have some basic guidelines put down for the time frame and hours they intend to be working on your kitchen.

Ensuring Contractors Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Many contractors will need to clean certain areas of a kitchen before moving forward with installing brand new sections or simply refinishing surfaces. Some contractors tend to use toxic cleaners during this process, but you don’t want that in your kitchen, right? To solve this dilemma, ask them to use high-quality cleaning products from Champion Supplies. For removing tough stains from surfaces, the Champion Ultra-Concentrated Degreaser is the perfect non-toxic high-performance cleaner. If they simply need to remove huge amounts of dust from areas that need to be worked on, the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop can easily remove dust and dirt particles from floors, walls, and ceilings without the need for dust mop spray.

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Dealing With Documentation

Documentation is everything. Get everything in writing. Every conversation you have about time frames, materials used, and everything else, you can get in writing. You need to have the documentation in your hands in the event that anything goes wrong. Any conversation about pricing or procedure needs to be put in writing and signed by both you and the contractor.

Hiring a contractor to help with your small kitchen remodel project is a step in the right direction. Before you hire anyone, make sure you ask them all of these questions to ask contractors for kitchen remodels. Don’t forget to get everything in writing!

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