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Real Flower Decoration At Home

Freshen up any space quickly with a few blooms!

Using real flower decoration at home can be a great way to express your creativity and add a touch of elegance to any room. A simple bouquet of peonies on a side table could deliver the hint of beauty and fragrance that a room is in need of.

Plants and flowers bring a natural, outdoors feeling inside the home. A simple display of greenery can make us think of being out in a forest or a jungle. Adding little stones, pebbles or seashells is another way to throw some nature into the mix.

When you’re feeling like you need some decoration in your home subtle changes in color could help. Experimenting with using flowers to decorate is an easy way to decide which colors you like or dislike. You can simply change to new colors of flowers if you dislike or tire of the ones you’re using.

When Fall and Winter cold is nipping at the door pretty floral arrangements can be uplifting. Having blossoms in the home when it is dreary outside and the outdoor plants are dormant or dead can be uplifting.

Keeping things clean and free of clutter is always a good idea. A beautiful centerpiece could draw enough attention to distract but not if your windows are dirty. Using Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser works wonderfully to keep your windows clean and clear. No one will be staring at a dirty window instead of your elegant floral arrangement!

Every living thing has energy and so do plants. They can make an unlively space bright and inviting. The colors and nature brought in by just one plant can make a room feel so much better. They are generating clean energy and releasing the precious oxygen that we breathe.

Promote emotional wellness with real flower decoration at home

A floor vase filled with some tall silk roses by the front door could be bright and romantic. Flowers can bring an elevation in mood. Just looking at their beauty can reduce a person’s stress levels.

The palette used for floral decor can also have an effect on our mood. Reds, oranges, and yellows, as seen in poppies or sunflowers, are colors that incite energetic feelings. These warm hues can help bring cheery and positive vibes to a space.

Cool tones in flowers like purple lilacs can promote serenity and a relaxed mood. Blue, green, and purple are colors that usually bring a calming feeling. We can all use a little calm and relaxation sometimes.

Keeping indoor garden containers, pots and vases clean and dust-free can be a chore. Keeping water spots off of vases and tables can be tedious. Using a Champion Polishing Cloth to wipe away water-marks and shine up tables is a breeze. It makes the job a lot easier.

When a person is feeling low or depression strikes, just looking at something gorgeous could help. Viewing a floral arrangement could help take their thoughts into more positive places. That moment to focus and contemplate its beauty and design can be an opportunity for someone to relax and take a break from what’s bothering them.

Make something meaningful with your arrangements

Make things interesting! Many plants, flowers, and herbs have different special meanings and uses. This could turn a simple bouquet into a heartwarming gift for someone special. It could bring you a lot of sentimental thinking of what each flower means as you place it.

Orange blossoms are believed to be symbols of purity. Red roses and chrysanthemum say, “I love you.” Tulips can signify passion. These flowers are tied to devotion and are symbols of love.

Peonies symbolize shyness. The meaning of bluebells is kindness and caring. A bunch of peonies with bluebells might send the message: I’m shy to say it but I care.

Lilies are signs of beauty. They are beautiful, delicate plants. Their tall stems, leaves, and blooms are so elegant. They’re potted plants so that gives lots of different container possibilities for shape and style as well.

The gladiolus is a remembrance flower. A pink carnation says “I will always remember you.” These could accent a memorial-themed arrangement.

Meaningful…and delicious!

Why not grow things in your arrangements that are edible? Indoor herb gardening can produce some wonderful fresh seasonings and garnishes. Use your green thumb and grow some beautiful greenery that you can actually use in your cooking and floral decorating!

Herbs usually grow well in a temperature between 65-75°F indoors. They will need containers that drain well when watered. Always replant your herbs in larger containers that allow lots of room for new growth. Herbs can get pretty big.

Plants that thrive in similar conditions can be combined in the same containers to grow lush bunches. There are many fragrant and yummy herbs to choose from.

Cilantro, basil, tarragon, and parsley all require moist soil to grow well. They can be planted together and be successful. All of these herbs also need lots of sunlight to grow.

Sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and lavender are all herbs that like a sandy quality in soil and don’t require as much watering.

Mint will grow thick and grow very quickly. It will expand in a pot fast. It needs plenty of water and lots of light. Bay can be used to flavor dishes like soups or jambalaya. It grows very densely and can get quite tall. It has large green leaves and doesn’t need watering as often.

Chives and garlic chives are tall thin stalks of greenery. They should also bloom in the early summer. They’re also great for the flavor they can provide foods. Chives have subtle onion or onion garlic flavors that can be great for cooking.

A pot filled with herbs could provide the burst of greenery that a floral display needs. It could be surrounded by large white blossoms to create a bold, natural look on a family room table. Just be sure the living part of the arrangement is getting plenty of sunlight.

Techniques for Arranging Flowers

There is some science to floral design. There are certain ways to do things that can make an arrangement look a certain way and last longer. It’s also good when creating a fresh arrangement to use locally grown plant material when you’re able to.

When handling your plants and flowers you should hold them by their stem. The optimal time for cutting a fresh flower is just before it opens up completely. If it’s too early the smaller flower buds might not be able to get enough water to fully open.

Make sure you use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the end of each stem at an angle. Cutting the stem while it is submerged in cold water is supposed to keep air from getting inside the stem and drying it out as quickly. Put the trimmed plants in cool water after cutting and let them rest in a cool dark spot for the night.

Find a suitable container that will suit the look of the arrangement you are picturing. Make sure the container is clean and fits the number of flowers you are arranging. Put water in the container. Remember to trim lower leaves as you arrange so none of them end up in the water.

Flowers can be arranged in any way that looks appealing to you. Use flowers that are of different sizes. Larger blooms should be used toward the center or just below the center with smaller blooms on the edges and sides. Traditional design has three main types of arrangements.

Line arrangements follow a line pattern. It uses minimal flowers and plants to produce a clean line design that puts a focus on certain blooms and textures. Line mass arrangements are the same idea as line arrangements with more flowers and plants used to create more mass in the piece. Mass arrangements are thick clusters with lots of flowers usually in a large round shape.

Fresh or artificial..which is best?

Fresh flowers usually have a fragrance and are delicate. They just don’t stay perfect for a long period of time like a silk flower would. There are some techniques and tips that might make freshly-cut blossoms stay green a little bit longer but they will need to be replaced regularly.

Some people that use fresh flowers for decoration make handmade arrangements in glass vases. This allows room for water and crushed aspirin in the mix to help them stay perky longer. Another trick is to pour ¼ of a can of soda or a teaspoon of sugar in the vase with the water.

Whether flowers are fresh or artificial they require maintenance to remain vibrant. Dying blossoms must be replaced with healthy ones and artificial pieces need to be kept clean. Even houseplants need little makeovers when their pots and leaves become dusty or when the soil needs to be replaced.

Dried flower decoration for the home is another option. Traditional hang drying produces dry brittle results but can bring a rustic feel. Using silica gel, your flowers can be preserved and dried perfectly in seven days and still retain their color!

Flowers are among nature’s most beautiful creations. Because of this, they’re great to have around the house. Their looks alone can brighten up any place. Being surrounded by decorations of flowers can evoke feelings of love, peace, and happiness. Let’s dive into 5 of the best ways to decorate your home with flowers! Enjoy!

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

1. Put Fresh Flowers in Decorative Vases

Vases already make great home decors, but if you put elegant fresh flowers in them, your home surroundings will have a more appealing ambiance. You don’t even have to buy flowers from florist shops since the ones in your garden during springtime will do just great.

Finding interesting plants and branches outdoors then drying and using them for something unique is absolutely free. You might find something that would look perfect on your mantle.

Have an old glass vase that hasn’t been used in decades? With a high-quality polishing cloth like the Champion Polishing Cloth, your old vase can be looking brand new again!

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When picking flowers, make sure that you cut the stems at an angle to facilitate growth on the remaining branches. You can then place the flowers in a vase filled with water.

Some of the modern trendy varieties of decorative flowers that will contribute to the positive mood of your home space are peonies, tulips, lilacs, jasmines, roses, and daffodils.

In order to keep the water in the vase fresh, remove any leaves from stems that are submerged under the waters. It is also advisable to change the water every day so as to avoid bacteria build-up.

2. Use Flowers as Focal Points in Your Home

Because flowers are beautiful, they naturally attract attention. It is for this reason that you can use such stylish decorations to draw attention to certain areas in your home that you want to accent as focal points.

We have some vintage end tables made of cherry with antique lamps sitting in the center of each. We love the tables and lamps but they aren’t very colorful nor are they furniture gallery material. After doing some home renovation we wanted to bring in something brightness so we surrounded the base of each of the lamps with some artificial hydrangea, and it gave them a whole new look.

For a welcoming effect, you can place a bouquet of soft flowers near your door’s entrance, or a wreath of flowers directly on your door. A stunning vase of flowers can either be tastefully positioned on the floor or on top of a coffee table.

If you intend to make the fireplace the focal point in your living room, you can place flowers on top of the mantel. Scattered decorative candles will also enhance the overall appeal of any room.

The color and arrangement of flowers can pull a guest’s eye directly to the area. In a bedroom, flowers are inviting and simply pretty to look at. A bouquet full of beautiful flowers on the bedside table could make a guest feel appreciated.

3. Accessorize with Branches

No matter how plain-looking your flower decorations are, these will still look pretty in a home surrounding and contribute inspirational energy to any room. However, the flower arrangement will look even better when you add twigs and branches as a complement to it.

Flowers, when combined with decorative twigs and stems, will have a melodramatic appeal. These extra accessories will also add height and depth to the overall design of your flower arrangement.

You can find small branches and other things from nature for your designs almost anywhere. This makes it easier to finish without buying anything. Just go out and find some pretty leaves or a few neat little sticks when you know the decoration still needs a little something more to it.

In the Winter months, or near the holidays, pine tree branches can be great to use. They can be crafted into a wreath or decorated with pinecones and flowers for a centerpiece. The pine perfume from the branches will bring a nice scent as well.

4. Use potted Flowering Plants

Potted plants are practical to incorporate into the interior design of your home. Since these are not dependent on water submersion such as flowers in vases, they are more permanent simple decorations.

There are so many varieties of houseplants and trendy little succulents to choose from. These are plants that you can care for and keep going for years to come. With the proper amounts of water, lighting, and fertilizer any plant should thrive.

Your outdoor garden can have large trees for decorative and shading purposes during the summer. You can also use indoor dwarf trees to add more green color to your indoor home environment during the winter. Small potted trees and flowering plants look good on corners, windows, wall shelves, entryways, and hallways.

5. Use Artificial Plants and Flowers

Although fresh plants and flowers are definitely better than artificial ones, fake decorations would still look good both inside and outside your home. Unlike real plants and flowers, artificial decors don’t need as much attention and pampering. You basically just need to dust these items regularly so as to keep them clean and natural-looking.

It is therefore practical to use plastic trees, plants, and flowers as home decors. You don’t need to water them like real plants or trim their branches to make them thrive well. They basically look like the real thing too.

While it’s true that plants and flowers can provide for a perfect unique scent, this can also be achieved with artificial decorations. You can use essential oils for this purpose and simply re-apply the substance when the scents are already starting to fade away.

Beautify Your Home With Flowers

Sometimes we may walk in the house and feel like it always looks the same. Throwing together some tabletop arrangements or putting up some floral wall sconces could be the solution to the drab, same-old place feeling.

Flowers are undoubtedly necessary for making the home environment look beautiful, cozy, inviting, and even romantic. You can use real ones or artificial decorations in order to achieve the look that you want to create inside and outside your home.

Real plants and fresh flowers are more advisable simply because they are more beautiful and beneficial. As plants are living things, they help in the production of oxygen inside your home. Some popular traditional home plants include aloe vera, jade, hanging eucalyptus, and spider plants. Interior air pollution can be minimized this way and their fresh floral scents are very relaxing to the senses too.

Cleaning artificial flowers with a spray bottle or silk flower cleaning solution helps keep the pink tulips arrangement in a kitchen looking fantastic. Keep it away from appliances. If dust settles on the petals they begin to look dingy, dull, and visibly artificial.

Aside from the obvious problems that dust can cause regarding indoor air pollution, lingering dust can also attach itself to your beautiful flower decorations if precautions aren’t taken to keep your home dust-free. That’s where a high-performance electrostatic dust mop like the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop comes in! With such a mop, you can easily transform dusty rooms into the clean spaces they’re meant to be.

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Flowers definitely can beautify a home but so do clean shiny floors. Keeping floors free of dirt and debris can be a pain. Getting them to shine is simple though using the Champion Ultra Concentrated Degreaser in combination with the Champion Super Yellow Mop. They really leave wood floors looking great without too much fuss.

Don’t overlook the practicality of putting up artificial plant and flower decorations too as these require less maintenance. As much as possible, get those items that look like the real thing as plastic-looking decors are not that appealing to the eyes. It is always more impressive to have fake decors that are mistaken to be fresh flowers.

If you are looking for an arts and crafts project there are so many possibilities when making real flower decoration at home. You can get cozy and paint any object to fit the color and accent your interior theme. It can be really fun to come up with some inspiration and make what you like.

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