Revitalize Your Living Room with Solid Hardwood

If you are wondering about how to best increase the overall value of your home by revitalizing your living room, you should look into solid hardwood flooring. Maybe you’ve heard this before and haven’t been convinced. Well, this blog post just might make you a convert!

Solid Hardwood Has A Long Lifespan

The longevity of solid wood is definitely one of its main attracting points. Just as long as you follow the proper maintenance procedures, you’ll never have to purchase flooring again. Due to the fact that wood is a natural substance, the wood ages like wine over time, resulting in floor planks that develop richer coloring each year. The only real maintenance you’ll have to perform is the occasional refinish and sanding. You will also want to make sure that your floor remains free of dust and dirt particles, so you’ll want to have a high-quality dust mop on hand as well.


A Timeless Flooring

Trends in home decor are constantly changing. Luckily, solid hardwood seems to have a special lasting power in the realm of flooring that is superior to its counterparts. This translates to sometimes rearranging furniture combinations, yet not having to empty your wallet for a new floor. The versatility of hardwood matches with virtually any furniture arrangement.

Added Texture and Color

There is a vast spectrum of shades to choose from with hardwood. If you want to achieve a rustic or country-themed room, the construction and grain of solid hardwood add a wonderful texture to the room which is key in these styles. There is also a variety of lacquered, waxed, and oiled finishes that can perfectly compliment a lounge.


There Are Different Species of Hardwood

Among the wide range of hardwood species to choose from, there is surely a perfect match for your needs, no matter how original your taste is. Looking for something classic? Oak would be the ideal choice. For those looking for a more flamboyant appearance, seek out walnut flooring. Bamboo flooring is a great option for environmentalists since bamboo trees regenerate at a relatively rapid pace!


In conclusion, solid hardwood is an excellent flooring option for those seeking longevity, variety, and versatility. So, if you’re considering purchasing new flooring for your living room, why not give hardwood a try?

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