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Camphor Balm 8 ounces

Camphor Balm  8 ounces
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For those of you looking for some good Stiff Neck Remedies, Rawleigh Camphor Balm is the perfect old fashioned solution. This unique formula will soothe and comfort those tensed up neck muscles, reducing swelling and increasing mobility. Apply liberally to the sore muscles in neck, massage it in, and let the balm work its natural magic.

Other Key Benefits

-Brings soothing relief to sore muscles

-Helps with circulation, reducing swelling

-Helps with discomfort associated with arthritis

Not just a treatment for stiff neck, Rawleigh Camphor Balm is sore muscles remedy for all of your aching parts.

Main Ingredients

The key ingredients in this balm are Camphor, Turpentine and Methyl Salicylate.

-Camphor has antimicrobial properties and works as a mild anesthetic.

-Turpentine has long been valued for its ability to ease pain and astringent qualities.

-Methyl Salicylate is used as a topical agent to increase circulation.

Rawleigh Camphor Balm also contains magnesium sulfate, lavender oil, peppermint oil, soap, stearamide DEA and water.

How to Use

Shake the bottle then pour out a healthy amount into your hands in order to warm it up. Next apply it to the sore muscle and massage it in. Repeat. Camphor Balm is for external use only. Contact medical help immediately if accidently swallowed. Stop using if an irritation or rash develops. Avoid applying to irritated skin. Stay away from eyes and mucus membranes.


One of the best stiff neck remedies that has been used for generations, Rawleigh Camphor Balm is still out there providing fast, soothing relief for stiff muscles. Next time you have a stiff neck, or any other stiff and aching muscles, be sure to get great results with Rawleigh Products.

An old-fashioned remedy that continues to produce results. Shake well, warm in your hands, and liberally massage Camphor Balm to areas needing soothing relief. Repeat as necessary to enhance circulation and help provide comfort.*

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