Stunning African Interior Design Themes

Is your room cold and dull? Are you craving a change that will bring warmth and unique decorations to your home? If so, African interior design themes might be the perfect way to achieve an inviting and interesting living space. From bold statement pieces to vivid, sunset colors, your home will transform into the interior space of your dreams.

In this blog, we will be discussing the various ways in which you can style your home to achieve the perfect African-inspired look with African interior design themes. You will discover the different beautiful ways in which you can decorate with African art, what colors and prints to use, and the perfect furniture to make your living space vibrant with African influences.

African interior design themes for the home

There are many different countries in Africa, each with their own cultures and styles. For the sake of this blog, we will be focusing on general themes and characteristics that encompass a wide range of African home decor.

Handmade African decor

A special way in which you can use African decorations is by supporting hand-crafted works by native Africans. Your household items suddenly become more personal when you have purchased the items directly from the person who lovingly crafted them. Not only will you be supporting local artists in doing so, but there is also a unique history to that work that you can share with guests when they come over and comment on the objects.

Vases for dramatic effects

One option that might work for you is an African vase. Vases with natural abstract or animal patterns on them will add a dramatic effect to your living space. They are the perfect accessories for side tables, but they can also go straight on the ground if you get a particularly tall vase. If you purchase an elaborate vase, it alone can add a warm and elegant ambiance to your room; however, a less fancy vase can be accessorized with flowers or plants to make it stand out. Get creative with what works for you!

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Figurines, masks, and plates

Human figurines add a unique style to your home. These sculptures are often hand-carved, tall, and made of dark wood. If you prefer a more colorful option, there are plenty of hand-painted figurines available online or in local, African markets. Buy a set of colorful plates to really take center stage on your walls. These, too, are often hand-painted, offering vivid colors and depth to the walls of your living space. Likewise, one final hand-crafted option that will be sure to wow guests and add character to your room is the use of masks. African masks are made out of wood carvings, metal, or clay materials and also offer the walls of your room an interesting and eye-catching visual appeal.

Use vivid colors and prints

What sets African art apart from art from other places in the world is its use of color. While African art is typically comprised of oranges, yellows, and reds to achieve a sunset-like warmth to a room, it is not limited to just bright colors. In fact, African art often involves stark contrasts of black and white. The use of black and white within your home can help to tone down the vivid sunset colors while also adding a nice contrast to your living space.

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Animal Prints

Safari animals are a favorite when it comes to tourism in Africa. Many local craftsmen know there is a western appeal to zebras, giraffes, and cheetahs. The warm yellows and oranges of the giraffe, the stark black and white of the zebra, and the gold and brown colors of the cheetah might even be the inspiration for the colors that tend to define African home decor. The best part about animal prints is that there are so many choices. You can really create your own unique room to achieve your ideal African-inspired space.

African furniture

When it comes to furniture, there’s even more for you to choose from. African beds, sofas, and chairs often involve intricate and dark wooden carvings. Some of the carvings have been painted lighter colors to show off the time and effort spent making the elaborate patterns. If you want something more affordable, however, simply buying modern dark wooden furniture and accessorizing them with abstract patterns, animal prints, or animal hides will achieve a similar look without the high expenses.

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In conclusion

Now that you have an idea of how to use African home decor interior design themes to transform your home into a warm and unique space, what are you waiting for? Add touches of handmade art and interesting crafts to your room, splash pops of sunset yellows, reds, and oranges onto your walls, and embrace the exotic animals Africa has to offer through your ingenious use of animal prints to make your home the most talked about house among friends and family!

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