Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

For small bathroom remodeling projects, you have the opportunity to make a completely new space out of your old bathroom in an inexpensive way. New fixtures and flooring, or small changes like lighting and paint, can make a big difference. To make your tiny bathroom open and inviting, you want to create more visual space. Sometimes this is achieved with fixtures and decorative items, and sometimes with optical illusions that draw the eye to somewhere specific.

Following are some of the best tiny bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.


Lighting is one sure way to create an inviting space in your bathroom. To create more visual space, avoid using fluorescent lighting. It tends to cast a clinical hue over the room and make things look unattractive. Instead, opt for incandescent lighting above the vanity.

Natural lighting is the best lighting if you are able to get it. Skylights offer the best possible lighting and give the illusion of a much larger room. Windows or solar tubes are also great for natural light. If the bathroom remodeling is on the inside of the house and skylights are also not possible, try to use recessed lighting to create the illusion of natural lighting to open up and brighten the space.

Bright and Open

An open floor plan and cool, bright colors give the impression of a more spacious room. Try not to clutter the room with too many cabinets, baskets, or other items.

Choose a paint scheme that uses cool or neutral colors, and rely on accents and decorative pieces to bring in pops of color. White is always a great go-to color for bathrooms because it goes with virtually any d├ęcor scheme and gives a bright, clean, and open feeling to space.

Optical Illusions for Small Bathroom Remodeling

The use of mirrors and glass can create an optical illusion that the room is more spacious than it actually is. This is one of the most interesting very small bathroom remodel ideas. A large mirror over the vanity, or small framed mirrors on the wall, can make the room look and feel bigger.

Glass doors around your shower keep the space open rather than closing it off, and create the illusion of more useable space.

For the walls, use wallpaper with thin, vertical striping. This can be accomplished in faint, neutral colors that keep the space bright and draw the eyes upward, making the room look bigger


The fixtures and furniture in your bathroom can change the way the room looks and feels also. Pieces that are up off the ground allows you to see more floor, which makes the room look bigger. One of the best bath remodel ideas for small bathrooms is to use a classic clawfoot bathtub and pedestal sink to give your new bathroom an old-world feel with an open floor plan.


The flooring you choose will change the visual space as well. Large tiles placed diagonally in a bathroom will elongate the floor and make the room appear visually larger.

Keeping Your Small Bathroom CleanPolishing Cloth Banner 1

After all your hard work in remodeling your small bathroom, you will want to make sure that you keep your bathroom clean so your remodeling can really shine.

To start off with, touch up the little details like metal handles and chrome fixtures. These areas can develop tarnish over time. A powerful cleaning cloth like the Champion Polishing Cloth is the perfect tool to get rid of stubborn tarnish. Simply rub the cloth on the affected area and buff it with a soft, dry cloth until a brilliant shine is achieved. The Champion Polishing Cloth will leave behind a protective film that will protect polished surfaces from developing tarnish in the future.

Bathroom floors can become especially dirty over time if not tended to, and you’ll want to have a powerful floor cleaner and wet mop handy for regular cleaning. The Champion Yellow Wet Mop is ultra-absorbent and extremely easy to wring out by hand. In fact, strands can soak up to 5 times their weight in water! This high-quality wet mop pairs perfectly with the Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, a powerful biodegradable and phosphate-free product that will make your bathroom flooring as clean as when you first installed it.

Best Mop for Cleaning Floors Banner 3

Champion Supplies offers numerous high-quality toilet cleaning products such as the Fluffy Toilet Bowl Mop, Toilet Bowl Swab, and Bent Tip Bowl Brush that will make excellent additions to your bathroom cleaning closet.

Champion Non-Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a non-toxic cleaner that is made with powerful surfactants and wetting agents that effectively clean all types of toilets. The addition of quaternary ammonium compounds helps to control odors.

Champion Power Bowl Cleaner combines detergent and wetting agents with a phosphoric acid-base and effectively eliminates tough rust, lime, hard water stains, organic deposits, and strong odors.

All of these tiny bathroom remodel ideas on a budget can help you create a more visual space for your bathroom without breaking the bank. During bathroom remodeling, keep some of these easy solutions in mind to make your small bathroom an open and inviting space.

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