Unusual Window Dressings

Curtains are one way to make a room look new and refreshed. Surprisingly, the price of new curtains may give you sticker shock. If you don’t have the budget for brand new pricey curtains or you don’t want to use traditional window coverings at all, here are some unusual window dressings to help you get the look you want while sticking to your budget.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains were quite popular in the 1960s and they are now making a comeback in the world of Feng shui decorating. It is believed that putting a beaded curtain in your window will bring positive energy when the wind blows through. We could all use some of that!

You can make beaded curtains easily and inexpensively. Measure fishing string to the desired length, tie off the end, and string your beads on. Tie the top to a circular hoop similar to the ones used on shower curtains and place it on a curtain rod. It is so easy to find beads and baubles to match the décor of your room. The look will be quite unique.

Blinds and Shades

Venetian blinds are cheap to purchase and easy to decorate. One inexpensive decorating idea would be to weave wide satin ribbons of different colors through the slats. The finished look is like a woven basket. You can add pretty bows or other decorations to the bottom of each ribbon to complete the look. All this idea takes is glue and ribbon—easy to create and easy on the budget.

Shades can be purchased inexpensively, you just have to search out the sales. Shades that are made of vinyl can be decorated with wallpaper scraps to match your décor, or you can staple the material to the shade as well. If you purchase shades that are opaque or translucent (usually used to keep out the sun) you can use press-on embellishments like fringe, braids, appliqué, or paints and stencils to create a variety of custom window coverings—cheaply.

Towels As Custom Window Coverings? Yes!

Nothing makes for better homemade custom window coverings in your bathroom than towels. You can purchase towels brand new from big-box and dollar-type stores. You can then jazz them up to match your bathroom décor. Often times two regular-sized towels will be enough for one window. Just hem the top to make an opening that fits your curtain rod and the job is done. If you want to add decorations, you can sew on just about anything from appliqués to dangling tassels.

Variety With Valances

Sometimes all you need to spruce up your windows is a valance to add extra charm to your already existing custom window coverings. You can make your own valance using any type of material. Make a casing at the top of the material and thread it through the curtain rod. Add appliqués, braids, ball fringe, or tassels to the bottom to create a unique, complementary addition to your existing custom window coverings. You can even drape scarves over the curtain rod for a unique effect.

Maintaining both your windows and window coverings is an important aspect of your home keeping. A high-quality dust mop like the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop will keep annoying dust particles from building up on coverings that have not been moved in a while. What is the best window cleaner on the market? A non-toxic window cleaner like the Champion Glass Cleaner Concentrate 20:1 will keep your windows shiny and view-ready. When choosing household cleaning products, it is generally best to avoid mainstream brand name products since these are typically manufactured with inferior ingredients.

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These mainstream products have the majority of their funding go towards advertising instead of quality research & development. Luckily, there are online sources for high-quality cleaning products that are manufactured with the utmost quality in mind, like Champion Supplies.

Creating your own creative window coverings is only limited by your imagination. By being resourceful with your window dressing choices, you can have beautiful windows with unusual window dressings that add beauty and charm to any room in your home without spending a fortune doing it.

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