Vintage Chic Home Decor Ideas

If you’re looking to bring the Victorian countryside to your home, look no further. A vintage chic home decor style will leave your living space looking light, ethereal, and like a picturesque cottage. Not only will you feel relaxed and cheerful in your home, but guests will be impressed with your creative decor.

In this blog post, you will gain ideas on how to transform your home into the perfect, chic design. We will discuss the best key features of shabby chic decor, different decorative options, inventive ways to use colors and textures, and awesome DIY furniture projects. In no time, you’ll be a pro at styling your house to match the visions you’ve always wanted but weren’t sure where to begin.

Key features of a vintage chic home decor room

You might be wondering what exactly is vintage chic home decor. There are certain elements of the shabby chic world that are fairly consistent. For the sake of brevity, we will be focusing on three of them.

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1. The use of white

If you look up images of ‘shabby chic decor’ on a search engine, you will no doubt see that white is the most common color in all the rooms shown. Using white enables one to use gentle touches of other colors in harmony with the bright and open nature of this particular modern decorative style. Shabby chic decor heavily incorporate whites and pastels to maintain the plush softness of the living space.

2. Frilly fabrics

What separates a shabby chic style from simply being chic decor is the incorporation of frayed fabrics. Throw pillows, shabby blankets, and fake flowers offer a wide selection of stylistic opportunities to your home. If you’re not into the whole frayed look, you can still use soft fabrics to achieve a shabby chic decor appearance.

3. Vintage furniture

The use of vintage furniture actually serves as a unique contrast to the softer, frilly fabrics that are used as cushions and decorations. Because the curves of the furniture are dainty, and the upholstery is tight and antique in appearance, the frilly fabrics that accompany the furniture add texture to the room and tone down the almost dollhouse-like appearance that the furniture alone would create.

Decorative Ideas

Shabby chic decorations offer endless options for wall decorations. From mirrors to mason jars to open cupboards with ceramic crockery, the amount of different ways you can style a chic room is unbelievable. If you’re someone who loves having the option of constantly playing with the interior design of a space, you will truly enjoy all that shabby chic has to offer.

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Charming lighting

One way to dress up your living space is with shabby chic lighting. Chandeliers with candles and frilly lamps are common options. A chandelier will bring gentle yet magnificent lighting to your home that goes perfectly with your chic decor. To give a room more of a shabby chic appearance, throw in a lamp with tassels, a floral shade pattern, or a poufy cover to give it that frilly look.

Play with color, texture, and dimensions

If you’re not into the whole frayed look but still want to add some shabby chic decor into your room, there are options available for you. Feathers and fake flowers in mason jars create charming displays in your living space without the excessive use of frilly textures. You can leave the jars clear, or you can make a fun DIY craft out of them by painting them soft, pastel colors. Wrap some burlap fabric around them to give them a more rustic look.

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Antique birdcages can add dimensions to your space that are fine like shabby fabric without the softness, while strategically-placed mirrors enhance what few, shabby items you do have in your room by reflecting the items. Open cupboards also make a room feel spacious and inviting while offering the opportunity to display your pastel dishes.

Shabby chic bedroom furniture

A great way to create the perfect bedroom without putting a huge dent in your wallet is to buy vintage or antique furniture to achieve a perfect, vintage chic home decor style. Vintage furniture painted bright, airy colors go hand-in-hand with shabby, chic spaces. They give the room an antiquated, fancy look without costing a fortune.

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The perfect shabby chic dresser is one that is painted either white or soft grey to show off the antique knobs and handles. Get a matching shabby chic bed by painting an antique bed frame white and decorating with a dainty floral bedspread. To complete the shabby chic look, use translucent curtains and draperies around your bed and windows to add shabby textures to the vintage bed and dresser.

In conclusion

Vintage chic home decor is perfect for a fun and sweet DIY-lover. So what are you waiting for? Get crafting so that you can enjoy having a home that reflects that inner personality!

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