Western Home Decor Interior Design Artwork

If you’re a cowboy (or cowgirl) at heart, perhaps it has been a dream of yours to live in your very own rodeo. Well, dream no longer, for achieving your vision is as simple as decorating your home in western decor. If you are tired of coming home to a lackluster living space, then it’s time to turn your living space into a western home decor interior design artwork paradise fit for a lover of the wild, wild west.

This blog post seeks to help you with your eye for interior design artwork, giving you lots of tips on how to turn your living space into one with western charm. We will cover many of the versatile ways in which you can decorate your home and the best furniture you can buy to achieve that western look you’ve always wanted. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have an idea of how to start decorating your western-style house.

Western decorating ideas for home

If we were to go through all the different ways in which one can use western home decor, this blog would be very long. For your convenience, we’re going to discuss a few major characteristics of western home decor that you can use to bring some charm into your home. Through the use of wrought-iron, animals, and Native American-inspired art, you can easily create a home that is perfect for your countryside tastes. The best part is, the wide selection means there’s an option for people who like to splurge and for those who like to save. Let’s get started!

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How to use wrought-iron to decorate your living space

Wrought-iron is a common choice for western home decor. Without it, we’d be leaving out an essential part of the western charm. Many western homes incorporate wrought-iron stars, horseshoes, and wall hangings throughout their houses. These items can be placed anywhere in your house and are often very affordable. If you’re a wrought-iron fanatic who wants to go the extra mile, try using chairs and barstools with wrought-iron legs in your living space to really show off your western pride.

Use of animals

It’s no surprise that farm animals are a huge inspiration for western home decor. In particular, cows, deer, and horses are the most commonly depicted animals in western decorations. From art to animal pelts, to leather sofas, these animals have a certain undeniable charm that captures the heart of the west. Animal head mounts, skulls, and antlers are other options for those who want to make their house as western-inspired as possible. The head mounts can add a sense of personal touch if the animal used was hunted. Likewise, skulls and antlers may have been found during a hike and cleaned up to use as decoration. Antlers can even be used as fancy chandeliers.

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Native American interior design artwork and patterns that will bring color to your home

To tone down all the beige and browns that come with using animals as decoration, Native American colors such as turquoise, burnt orange, yellow, and red ochre can create an earthy atmosphere in your living space. Great options to choose from are Native American blankets, pillows, or rugs. The patterns used are often angular shapes such as arrows, triangles, feathers, and zigzags. As the west is still heavily impacted by their beautiful artwork, supporting local Native American artists is a great way to show your western pride.

The perfect western furniture

If your room lacks all the wood that gives a space a western, cabin-like feel, a great way to incorporate wood into your living area is through the use of furniture. To complete your western living space, look for leather and honey-colored wooden options. A leather sofa is probably the most common choice for furniture with a western look, but if you don’t want to use leather, a medium to dark brown sofa will have a similar effect.

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Red cedar is a common choice of wood for arms of chairs, tables, bed frames, and dressers, but if you prefer a more affordable option that looks similar, a honey oak will suffice. No matter what you choose, the western decor you’ve chosen from the above sections will be sure to make your room look western.

In conclusion

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Western home decor interior design artwork offers one of the most down-to-earth styles possible when it comes to interior design. Wrought-iron adds beautiful touches of rustic charm throughout your house, animal art and taxidermy create a sort of outdoorsy feel to the indoors and the colors that are associated with western home decor add warmth without over-powering the earthiness of your space. Now that you have an idea of how to make your living area into a western-inspired dream with interior design artwork, it’s time to saddle up and head to the store!

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