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What is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramic Tile Floors?

Ceramic tile floors are commonly used for bathrooms and in other areas within your house. It’s important to gain knowledge on why you need to clean this type of flooring often and find the best quality cleaning supplies to do the job right. Here at Champion Supplies, we offer quality products to our customers that will satisfy you, saving time and money in the long run.

After all, we all want our household duties to be simple and our home to be taken care of properly. We don’t want to replace that beautiful ceramic tile floor for a long time. So, what is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors? Let’s dive in to better understand this type of tile floor and how to deep clean ceramic tile floors.

All about ceramic tile floors

Ceramic tiles are made by combining natural ingredients to provide glorious perfection. Materials that are commonly used to create this type of tile are clay, sand, minerals, quartz, water, porcelain, and feldspar. These tiles have fantastic quality due to the specifications each tile needs to meet before they leave the factory and land in your home.

Ceramic tiles are tested for their strength, scratch and chemical resistance, absorption of water, durability, heat expansion, and the ability to resist frost. Ceramic tiles contain a glazed finish on their surface. To add more slip-resistant power, consider purchasing smaller squares for your flooring.

Why is it important to clean ceramic tile floors?

Ceramic tiles have grout placed in between each tile. If the grout is left dirty or has puddles of water floating over top of it, the area can become moldy. It is important to properly clean your tile floor to prevent a staining reaction from wear, tear, and moisture. Most ceramic tiles have a glazed coating on top of each piece. The sealed-on glaze helps to keep dirt out of the natural cracking that ceramic may contain. Despite its ultimate barrier-like qualities of keeping dirt to a minimum, the glaze can still become dull over time. So, what is the best thing to clean ceramic tile with?

Without using quality cleaning products that are recommended for ceramic, the glazed surface may become thinner over time, exposing your precious ceramic tiles to potential damage. Making sure the grout is clean is a good housekeeping rule for maintaining the value of your tiles. Let’s take a look at how to properly go about deep cleaning ceramic tile floors and what is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors.

What is the best way to clean your tile floors?

It is important to use a high-quality cleaning solution to maintain your ceramic tile floor. To save time and money, protect your floor by sweeping or vacuuming two to three times a week to remove dirt and debris. Taking unwanted dirt away from the surface of your floor will prevent dents and scratches on the tops of the tiles. Scratches should be at a minimum with a glazed-over sealant, but they can still easily occur by simply stepping onto debris and pushing it down onto the tile pieces.

Using the proper cleaners and tools will satisfy both you and your floors when you clean your ceramic tile. There are many negatives when you use a chemical-based cleaner. They are bad for the environment, horrible to breathe in, don’t last long, and take away from the natural beauty of ceramic tiles. Not to mention the residue chemical-based cleaners leave on floors causing the slip-resistant quality to fade right before your eyes.

The best kind of cleaning tools to use are ones that will not damage your floors. A dust mop is a good idea for the first step in the cleaning process. Dust mops can pick up dirt from the floor with ease. Using a vacuum to do that job can be a risk due to the bristles their tips contain. After the dust mop has completed its mission, use a natural cleanser and a professional quality mop to seal the deal.

At Champion Supplies, we honor our customers by providing high-quality cleaning solutions to do the job the right way. What do we suggest for completing the cleaning process of ceramic tile floors? Read on to find out!

Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop

The Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop is the perfect tool to use for the first step in keeping your floor clean. This mop is made of colorful yarn pieces that go through a process of electromagnetic static charging. This process allows dirt and debris to attach themselves naturally to the mop strands, with no use of harsh chemicals and no scrubbing needed!

Due to its ability to naturally attach dirt to itself, by using this dust mop, you will not just spread the dust around. This premium dust mop doesn’t need to be used with dust mop sprays like the typical mops found in stores, leaving your floor scratch-free and chemical-free.

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How to use the Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop for tile floors

This mop is made with simplicity in mind. Simply collect the unwanted pet hair, dirt, and debris from your tile floors with a normal mopping motion. When the debris is all attached to the mop strands, take the mop outside and shake it. The mop head is washable.

Now, what is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors?

Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

The second step for providing your ceramic tile floors with a sparkling shine is to use a natural floor cleaner. The Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is the best product to clean ceramic tile floors with. It is biodegradable and phosphate-free. This super cleaning agent is 99% naturally derived and made with plant-based ingredients, making this product the ultimate cleaning companion.

Without being made with harsh and toxic chemicals, this cleaner can easily cut through grease and grime without a problem! It even cleans your kitchen tile! Keep that grout free of mold by using this product as the ultimate grout cleaner! Better yet, it will leave your floors slip-resistant and looking brand new by leaving no residue! It is by far the best cleaner for ceramic tile floors.

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How to use the Champion Multi-Surface Cleaner

This cleaner can last a while compared to the average chemical-based cleaners you find in your local stores. For the average room within your house, simply mix one ounce of the cleaner per gallon of water. If you feel the urge to apply more of the cleaning agent for floors that are in need, mix 2-4 ounces per gallon of water.

Champion Super Yellow Mop

If you’ve been wondering how to mop ceramic tile floors, we have the answer you’ve been looking for. For the third and final step to properly clean your tile, consider the Champion Yellow Mop to finish the floor cleaning mission! This is the best mop to use right along with the Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. This is the best way to mop ceramic tile floors. Not only is the mop great for ceramic tile, but it is also a great addition to have within your home to clean hardwood floors, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, concrete, porcelain, and wood.

The Super Yellow Mop is made with non-woven fabric, unlike your typical floor mop you will find, making this the best mop for tile. It is truly the best mop for ceramic tile floors and will not scrub marks onto your shiny glazed floor. Typical mops that are made with woven fabrics become stiff after a while. With our wet mop we have here at Champion Supplies, you will make fewer trips to wring out the excess water due to its super absorbency. It is extremely easy to wring out by hand. Not only is the Yellow Wet Mop extremely durable, but it is also lightweight, long-lasting, and even machine washable!

Also, if you’ve been looking for how to add shine to ceramic tile floors, check out our Champion Multi-Surface Floor Finish/Shine!

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Final Thoughts

Finding out what is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors is important to preserve the life of your ceramic tiles. Using proper cleaning tools that do not scratch the floor will help keep the maintenance of your home flooring an easy process. Also, use a floor cleaner that does not contain toxic chemicals that can damage your cleaning tools, your floors, and your health!

Champion Supplies always has their customers in mind. We provide them quality products to properly clean their homes and save their hard-earned money. The Old Fashioned Dust Mop, Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, and the Super Yellow Mop will become your favorite cleaning must-haves, leaving you satisfied with a naturally clean home!

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