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What Is The Best Drill Bit For Hardened Steel?

If you are a maintenance professional, it may be frustrating when the drill bit you are using quickly turns dull while you are attempting to drill through hardened steel.

This article will give some fundamental background information on drill bits, as well as an answer to the question “what is the best drill bit for hardened steel?”

Either carbon or high-speed steel can be utilized to create a twist drill.

In contrast, twist drills fabricated from the latter material are better since they are longer lasting and retain their cutting edge for longer lengths of time.

This comes in very handy for drilling stainless steel as well as several other kinds of alloy steel.

A jobber bit, in contrast to its diameter, has a length that is much longer.

The diameter of jobber drill bits is typically eight to twelve times longer than their length.

The sizes of these drill bits may be described using a wide variety of systems, including fractions, standard metric sizes, a simple 1 to 80 number range, and even letters from the alphabet (A-Z.)

What does it mean when a drill bit is a “mechanics” length? What this means is that a mechanics length drill bit is one that is shorter in length than the standard bit. It also has a flute length that is shorter than a regular jobber length bit.

This particular kind of twist drill bit has been shortened, thus making it a lot less likely to shatter or shear, and a lot stronger. As a result, it is appropriate for drilling in more challenging materials.

The process of deciding whether to utilize a mechanics length jobber bit or a jobber bit is, in real actuality, fairly straightforward.

It is recommended that a normal jobber bit be used when working with softer materials like soft metals, wood, and composites.

It is advisable to use a mechanics length drill bit when drilling into hardened steels or other tougher materials since this kind of bit is stronger.

If you’re looking for an all round, versatile drill bit for the shop and maintenance tasks, the mechanics length drill bit should be given serious consideration. Here’s why.

When drilling into steel or other hard materials, drill bits produced from a cobalt alloy are by far the best option. This is especially true for 135-degree mechanics-length drill bits.

The alloy used in these mechanics-length drill bits contains between five and ten percent cobalt.

Because cobalt is mixed in with the steel, the bit retains its hardness over time without needing to be coated (like titanium bits.)

The mechanics length, 135-degree split-point drill bits work well in keyless chuck hand drills.

They will reduce the amount of effort and time you need to put into a project, which will ultimately save you money.

These mechanics length, split point, nitro-carburized drill bits have undergone a specific heat treatment that permits its use in work-hardening grades of stainless steel as well as other applications requiring drilling in hardened steels.

A high-quality mechanics length drill bit will often include a split point, which allows for precise beginning as well as rapid penetration without the need for center punching.

To put it another way, the bit will not begin “walking” away from the place in the middle where it has to be drilled.

Because it has a flatter point, it can accept a smaller chip, and it can transfer more force to a smaller area, making it suitable for drilling hard materials.

Positive chuck-grip, which eliminates the possibility of slippage, is provided by a high-performance mechanics length drill that has a shank that has been flattened.

Again, these three flats provide excellent chuck-grip and almost prevent slippage between the drill and the chuck. They are available on shanks measuring 3/16 inch and bigger.

A premium drill bit with a mechanics length delivers the highest level of accuracy and performance possible thanks to its precision ground point, flutes, and body.

With its nitro-carburized flute edges and enhanced Rockwell hardness, a high-performance 135-degree split-point mechanics length drill bit provides much longer cutting life.

Because of the unique high molybdenum tool steel that they are comprised of, the mechanics length drill bits of this particular kind are designed to be able to handle greater drilling temperatures.

In addition, this high-tech drill bit requires less maintenance, runs cooler, and cuts easier thanks to the gold surface treatment, which offers optimal lubricity and decreases friction.

If you are searching for a drill bit that can be used to drill hardened steels, plus for a variety of different duties around the shop and in maintenance, you should give the mechanics length drill bit significant consideration.

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