What is the Best Tiles for Flooring?

Are you currently designing your house or workspace and confused about what tile flooring option to choose? What is the best tiles for flooring? Follow are the various benefits of tile as well as the best types of tile you can choose for your home’s flooring.

What is the Best Tiles for Flooring? Endless Possibilities

The design possibilities with tile are endless! Whether you’re looking for a wood-like finish, the illusion of a fabric floor, or a monochromatic appearance, tile can be found in countless forms and shapes! One of the most obvious benefits of tile is that you can achieve a wide variety of looks and finishes without the maintenance, cost, or worry of other flooring styles. The textures, shapes, colors, and styles that you can experiment with are practically limitless.

Other than the various looks, tile is also very durable. If installed properly and cared for, ceramic tile can outlast basically all of the other flooring options that exist. In fact, ceramic tile is widely recognized as one of the best types of tile to use for flooring. The need to “acclimate” your flooring prior to installation is not present with tile. Whether in the hottest or coldest environments tile stays strong through the entire spectrum due to its weather and chemical resistance. The average lifespan of tile is 60 years, and it can be installed both outside or inside the home due to its ability to withstand heavy wheel and foot traffic. Tile is definitely a favorite among contractors.

Wondering About the Benefits of Tile?


Tile is just simply a breeze to clean. Period. No special chemicals or makeovers are required to maintain it. The stain resistance of tile means that no matter what you spill on it, there isn’t any need to stress about lasting marks! When it comes to giving your tiles the best clean, use high-quality cleaning products from Champion Supplies. The Champion Yellow Wet Mop, along with the Champion Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, is the perfect one-two punch for achieving the cleanest tile flooring possible. For extra shine, use the Champion Multi-Surface Floor Shine/Finish.

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High Versatility

The versatility of tile cannot be ignored. From floors to backsplashes on kitchen walls to outdoor applications, tile can do it all! If you’re looking for the cleanest possible exterior appearance, tile can’t be beaten with its frost & fade resistance, durability, cleanability, and enhanced traction. You can even match your indoor and outdoor tile designs!


Tile is a vital aspect of sustainable building. It will definitely boost your LEED points in various eco-friendly certification programs.

Healthy For Your Home!

Not containing formaldehyde, VOCs, or PVC, and comprised of natural substances, tile is an excellent healthy flooring choice.

All in all, tile translates to a happy, functional, and healthy home!

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