Winter Hardwood Floor Preparation Tips

Winter is upon us and that means a string of happy family gatherings, last-second shopping excursions, and frigid temperatures. All of that constant running around might let you forget about giving your hardwood floor some special TLC to prepare it for winter. Following these simplistic floor preparation tips will make sure that your precious hardwood floors maintain their glow through even the harshest winter weather.

Key Winter Floor Preparation Guidelines

Keep Your Floor Clean

Snow, sleet, and dirt have a tendency to accumulate inside of the various crevices in your floors, potentially causing scraping, scratching, or worst of all…rotting!  To prevent permanent damage to your floor, stay on top of routine cleanings with a high-quality dry micro-fiber floor mop. If you have any hard-to-remove dirt stains, try applying a Hardwood Floor Cleaner on the affected area, and then mop the area with a high-quality synthetic floor mop.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Consistent

You probably have someone in your household that rules the thermostat with authority. There’s nothing wrong with that, just as long as they don’t cause the heat to fluctuate too frequently during the winter months. Shrinking, swelling, or warping can all occur when hardwood floor planks are exposed to constant temperature changes. Agree with the family on a comfortable temperature and try to leave it there. Flooring manuals usually come with a suggestion on ideal temperatures.

Buy A Good Doormat

Doormats are probably one of the simplest solutions for maintaining your hardwood floor’s cleanliness. If you are tired of following your friends and family with a mop every time they enter your home, just ask them to take a few stomps on your handy dandy doormat! This will largely prevent a lot of unnecessary dirt and mud from entering your home. If even after these precautions are taken there are still large amounts of dirt being tracked in, ask visitors that they remove their shoes at the door just to be safe.

Add Protective Pads On Your Furniture

Chances are, you’ll need to move some furniture around this holiday season to make room for decorations. That means that you’ll have to add protective felt coverings to your furniture’s feet in order to prevent unwanted gouges and scratches on your delicate hardwood floors. A pack of self-stick felt pads cost about $10 at your local home supplies store.   Not only will these felt pads prevent damage to your floor, but they will also eliminate that cringy noise that tables and chairs make when dragged across a floor. Make sure that these are replaced every winter season during your floor preparation routine so that your floors will remain at their finest year after year.

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